Lippy Bunny: ‘Enchanting Blooms’ by Rouge Bunny Rouge

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a lipstick addict, but I do like using them to help create a mood or enhance a fashion look of the day. When a brand launches lip balms that look and feel like lipsticks and have poetic inspirations and secret Victorian times messages behind them, I get intrigued. Welcome to the spotlight – Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Luxe Balms.

When a beautiful parcel that looked like a hat box arrived a couple of weeks ago, I was as enchanted, as my little girl – we almost had an argument about who was going to open it first. When I opened the box, finding inside a chic fascinator and six RBR Enchanting Blooms underneath, I instantly switched from sporty to flirty mood. I did my hair, attached the fascinator and started playing with the colours. Some conservatively subtle, others striking or daringly bohemian – I think there is something for every woman to be transfixed.

Each of the six shades is lightweight, non-sticky and fairly long-lasting, but with a difference – as time goes by after initial application, it slowly fades away, if not reapplied, giving way to a subtle, flattering tint that enhances your lips without being obvious. Not exactly barefaced beauty, but neither is it overtly obvious (depending on the shade you go for).

Each balm promises to hydrate, plump and repair delicate skin on the lips and has an understated sweet, flowery scent. The shape of the balm is ‘cut’ in such a way, that it glides easily along the lip contour, without you needing to be too precise or eagle-eyes. Something that is very welcome when the head and eyesight might be blurry in the morning and needing a shot of expresso to properly kick you up a gear.

Six colours you can choose from are as follows:

099 Captivating Camellias, its Secret Victorian Meaning distills to: ‘I Am Perfect And So Are You’

098 Mysterious Magnolias, ‘Celebrating The Noble Greatness Of Love’

097 Poised Peonies, ‘Something About You Makes Me Blush’

096 Lovely Lilacs, ‘The Purity Of My Affection Is Undisputable’

095 Amazing Anemones, ‘Break Their Heart’

094 Playful Primrose, ‘I Just Want To Play’

The balms were only launched earlier this month and were developed with several aims in mind. One of them included creation a special active complex that promises to plump up the lip volume within four weeks of regular use. While I have only been using those lip balms for a few days and can’t vouch for the efficacy of that claim, the lips do feel well moisturised after application, which can create a temporary effect of more plumped up volume in the lip area. As someone who isn’t into lip volume enhancement per se, I do appreciate when my lips aren’t feeling or looking dry and those balms provide that, unlike some mainstream or luxe lipsticks on the market, that tend to dry your lips.

As I have only been using the balms for a short period of time, I asked RBR to clarify the active complex claims & their answer was as follows: ”The active ingredients has restorative capabilities and help to increase the elasticity. They have a plumping effect, since the actives increase the moisturising effect. They also have a very powerful anti-oxidative capacity and increase the anti-age effectiveness helping to recreate your natural shape of your lips. The actives work directly into the depths of the adipose tissue by increasing volume. So, your lips appear fuller, also have less lines and it minimises wrinkles in the lip area’.

Personally I also prefer more natural formulas when it comes to lip balms or lipsticks, considering how much of the lip products we actually ingest, but it’s a positive sign that RBR has used an Eco-cert approved patented active complex derived from natural sunflower oil. Rouge Bunny Rouge doesn’t make unsubstantiated claims or pretend its ethos or products are something they are not, but it is a positive sign that customer’s desire for change when it comes to more natural skincare formulations is filtering through and makes the brand take steps to incorporate ingredients of natural origin into their formulas. An honest attitude to beauty.

Also worth noting that while this product is called a ‘Tinted Luxe Balm’ in actual fact it is akin to a dewy-finish lipstick, which blends together oils, waxes and pigments and allows you to experiment with the make-up looks.

As to the fascinator, I have a fancy dress party coming up and I can’t wait to wear it, with Amazing Anemones peaking out from underneath the veil .)

Thanks to Rouge Bunny Rouge team, I can also extend a special discount code to you, if you fancy trying any of the Enchanting Bloom Lip balms:  RBR-THECURIOSITYGAP20

To find out more about Rouge Bunny Rouge & its Enchanting Blooms, please click here

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