Little Bu nail polishes

Sometimes things land on my desk which make me think ‘why wasn’t this invented earlier?’-well,Littlebu Little Bu nail polishes tick this category for sure.

The brand is the brain child of Patricia Dente-Haimes, a native New Yorker who has over 15 years experience working in beauty industry. Until now I haven’t even heard of a nail polish that was actually developed for little girls or pregnant women and was actually safe-well, drum roll……welcome on stage Little Bu!

The first collection contains 8 nail polishes which are named after their own cool characters and range from sheer pink (Cecilia) to a deep but subtle purple (Sofia) to a shimmery pinky red (Alexi) and come in three effects-chrystalized, pearlized and cream. They are non-toxic, odorless water-based formulations that are free from DBP, Formaldehyde & Toluene and from phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone. Those formulations are safe for pregnant women-hence the start of my post, where was Little Bu when I expected my little chipmunks ? and for little girls, who so like to copy their mothers in everything, from wearing mum’s shoes, jewellery to make up and using nail polishes. As Patricia Dente-Haimes says: ‘Girls love to play with their Mummy’s polishes, so Little BU provides a safe, non-toxic, wash off alternative for little ladies who just want to have fun and express themselves with colour’. 

I have many girlfriends who are in endless conflict with themselves because their daughters want to be trendy, like their mummy.Littlebu2 Little girls also have a tendency to look to each other and once one starts wearing nail polish, others want to follow and as we know, little girls are a willful bunch. However, as responsible mothers, we want our kids to be healthy, so many of us actually question the ingredients that are contained in children’s creams, shampoos, bath bubbles etc…..

Little Bu bottles are smaller than grown ups nail polishes (9mls)-another unique selling point-‘this is made for young girls like you, isn’t it cool?’ and brushes are a good size for smaller nails. I actually painted the nails of my girlfriends very chic daughter-thank you Madeleine for allowing me to do a fairly unprofessional job as a manicurist on you .) and to you Lou, for letting me experiment on your daughter but I tried as best as I could! Their feedback was as follows: ” it stayed on all afternoon and was easy to remove in the bath with a flannel, no strong-smelling nail varnish remover required and therefore it can be quickly popped on for a party and then off again later at bathtime, I should get some and the colour – gorgeous!’

Little Bu polishes dry up much quicker than its ‘grown up’ contemporaries and they are spill proof i.e. if you or your little angel spills it on the clothes, it actually comes off in the wash. If you apply only one coat, it washes up in the bath (when you are giving your little one a bath, just point the shower head on their nails and watch the polish disappear and the nails look perfectly clean!) but if you paint two coats on plus a sealing top coat, it certainly lasts longer-handy if your daughter goes to a birthday party on saturday and wants to keep her nail polish on till the end of the weekend, as most schools don’t allow girls to wear nail polish.

My hunch, having tried the nail polishes on myself too, is that fashionable mothers will like wearing those polishes too, after all Patricia used to work for Chanel .) 

Little Bu nail polishes, 8 shades, £9.95 per 9mls bottle, can be purchased at Harrods (on the 4th floor, in kid’s section) or online at

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