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I have been a fan of the British brand Liz Earle for a long time now. In the course of the years, as the brand organically grew and expanded, I have tried their new products and always found that their customer service is second to none-they are nice and polite every time you speak to them, they know the products and the ethos of the brand and they are wonderfully helpful with advice and ideas.

For some reason my face only ‘likes’ two of Liz Earle face products, the world renowned Cleanse & Polish with its great muslin cloth and the instant boost skin tonic. I love LE foot repair moisturiser & foot scrub and simply adore the haircare range-they always give great results whether I am at home in London or traveling.

When Liz Earle launched the Sheer Skin Tint recently, I tried the sample and loved it so much, I ordered one-I have written about it and am now on my third consecutive tube of it-great colour, smell, texture and my skin always, always looks flawless when I use it !

Last year Marie Claire magazine hosted a mentoring event with Liz and while I found her a little reserved, she was a refreshingly honest and inspiring speaker, who answered plenty of questions and offered honest advice that was both genuine and practical. It did strike me that while every business is motivated by profit, Liz Earle strives to do proper research, development and rigorous testing before they launch a new product and that is greatly admirable.

There have been rumours about the possible launch of Liz Earle make-up since the beginning of the year, so I was pretty sure that they would start with a couple of products and was happily astounded when they launched a full range of products last month. Having had the chance to try most of the products in the range-very lucky me !- I can tell you with complete honesty that they are a great addition to my already busy bathroom shelf !


As Liz Earle herself says: ‘Approachable, natural-looking beauty is our priority and our aim is to help women feel confident about how they look. Liz Earle Colour is the natural next step for us-the finishing touch. It delivers dependable results and always looks natural, enhancing rather than masking the skin whatever your age, skin tone, skin type or stage of life’.

Created to help disguise specific skin concerns such as dark circles, blemishes or uneven skin tone, Liz Earle Colour products will help you achieve the naturally beautiful skin without the heavy coverage, while high-performance finishes with light-diffusing particles and soft focus effects will ensure a beautiful luminosity to subtly enhance any woman’s natural features. 

The Liz Earle colour capsule collection range is divided into products for the face, cheeks, lips, eyes and there are also three make-up brushes-the blush one, the precision one and the powder one.


When it comes to ‘face‘ products, in addition to the sheer tint ( it comes in four shades ), there are two types of concealer-the perfect fix concealer ( which is ideal to diminish areas of redness or under eye circles and I found that it doesn’t crease, even as the day goes by. There are seven shades to choose from ) and the light reflecting concealer ( it is perfect for accentuating you features under the brow bows, around the nose area, cupids bow etc. It is very light in texture and feels moisturising when you apply it. There are seven shades ). There are also the natural finish loose powder and the natural glow bronzer ( unlike many other bronzers this one isn’t too shimmery or too matt ant it looks great when dusted around the areas on the face where the sun normally hits you ( forehead, temples, bridge of the nose, chin ) and you can also dust it lightly over your neck or collar bones.

For your cheeks there are two types of blushers-the healthy glow cream blush ( it comes in seven shades and feels like a combination of cream and powder blush. You can also use it on your lips and it gives you a nice, healthy glow and also stays put quite well, without drying your skin, as it contains a natural source of vitamin E ) and a healthy glow powder blush ( it also comes in seven versatile shades ).


For your lips there are 12 shades of sheer lip gloss, which smells slightly of caramel and it doesn’t feel at all sticky, unlike many lip glosses, including prestige brand ones. I also like the application brush that glides, as opposed to dragging, over you lip area and the fact that the gloss is enriched with Liz Earle’s blend of avocado oil and shea butter.


When it comes to eye make up, you have three shades of eye pencil ( black, dark brown and golden bronze ), lash definition smudge-proof mascara and lash care intensifying mascara base.


When I was choosing the right shade of concealer at Liz Earle’s flagship store on King’s road, the sales assistant urged me to go out into the natural light with the mirror to see how it looks and I have to say, doing this prevents you from coming home only to realise that you actually bought the wrong shade.

Another bonus is when you go on, not only do you have great visuals and plenty of information on each product, you get great video make-up tutorials and tips on application from Jane Bradley, Liz Earle international make-up artist. And each product comes with paper slip with instructions and application tips and techniques, so you enhance your beauty correctly.


I also want to mention the packaging-it does have its own identitiy, as you won’t confuse it with any other brand on the market. It is a slightly shimmery dark navy colour and sort of reminds you a little bit of the sea. All the compacts ( bronzer & blushers) have mirrors inside, so you can see yourself when you are applying the products and everything is easy to fit in your make-up bag for the office or when you are travelling.

Liz Earle Colour, prices from £10.50 to £22

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