Loving your feet

LEEvery day we get off the bed never giving it a thought how hard our legs have to work- running, walking, stretching, moving us from one point to the next but do they get loving attention at the end of the day, like our faces do?

I love rollerblading and even though I only run if it’s absolutely necessary, my feet work hard and often I notice that if I don’t do anything between my regular five weekly pedicures, my feet get dry and don’t look so hot, so after trial and error I know that the products below definitely work for me and if used regularly, not only do my feet look nicer, I  have a lightness in my step too.

1. Liz Earle’s foot scrub (£10.45 for 100 mls) is the best one by far. It contains  pumice, avocado, peppermint and rosemary essential oils, which nurture the skin and buff dead skin away. Her Foot Repair Moisturiser (£12.50 for 100mls) is like the conditioner for your feet, it’s formula is light and it doesn’t make your feet feel greasy, unlike some creams used at nail salons or spas, so you end up sliding off your flipflops when you leave post-pedicure.

2. A while back I used to go to a tiny jewel spa in the area where I live. It didn’t look MD like much but the owner and therapists were extremely nice and got things done well and the vibe was easy & relaxed even on a gloomy, rainy day. Then the owner had to sell her spa as she was following her boyfriend to another country and for the time I was left spaless-ok, it didn’t last long but there was one problem-noone seemed to stock Pevonia products that the spa used-especially the lavender foot oil that my regular therapist recomended and I swear, my feet started loving me more as soon as I started using it! We all get hard skin on our feet, but this oil made my skin so much softer, no moisturiser could compare. So imagine my dispair when I finished the last bottle….. A few years passed but this month while browsing the shelves of Space NK I saw a bottle of Margaret Dabbs footcare line called ‘Intensive Treatment foot oil’ (£20). Well, my feet are now paciefied by Australian Emu oil and lemon myrtle, so it’s fair to say that heartbreak is over for now.

3. If you go to the gym or run or have a hectic lifestyle, forgetting to keep hydrated, it’s not only the face that notices it, it’s your feet and nails, so what do you do if your nails on the feet don’t look that sparkly? Walk to Organic Pharmacy shop and try to get your hands on their Lemon & Neem nail oil-beware, they sell our regularly, so buying an extra bottle might not be a bad idea! Neem, Lemon and jojobas oils nourish your nails, cuticles and nail bed and if used regualry, i.e. every night before falling asleep, I promise you a nice reward within four or five weeks. And that comes from a person  who until recently just couldn’t be bothered to do it .)

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