Lumene & Arbonne=shower heaven

Not that England had much of a summer this year, but during warm time of the year I tend to prefer quick showers to long baths and my general requirements for the shower gel that I use are: it has to smell good and nurture my skin, so once I get dressed, I am ready and energised for the day ahead.

Lumene is a Finnish brand that I got introduced to last year by my best friend and this year she treated me to a new addition toDSC04499 the range, Lumene’s Birch & Honey shower gel and body lotion. Birch appeals to the Russian soul and it also seems to appeal to a Finnish one too, as in both countries the tree is considered to be a symbol of sorts. The green colour of the packaging also appeals to me as it has a lifting effect on the mood and adds a nice colour ‘pop’ to my shower cubicle.

Birch leaf extract in this shower gel brightens and invigorates the skin and a 100% organic honey cares for the skin and softens it. The body lotion is also quite moisturising for the skin after sun-bathing-and we all know how sea water, sun and the sand on the beach can make our skin feel much drier. 

The other addition to my shower shelf is the brand called Arbonne, to which I was introduced by my friend Kara, who stocks it at her private members boutique Rousiland. It is a Swiss based brand from the people behind the luxury skincare range La Prairie, which I haven’t used myself but a few of my Russian girlfriend  seem to be quite complimentary about.

Arbonne’s FC5  body range contains kiwi, strawberry and pumpkin phytonutrients-hand on my heart I also like the fact that their products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, diethanolamine and animal-derived ingredients.

FC5 invigorating body cleanser (£20 for 296mls) that I bought gently cleanses the skin, without stripping it of moisture. The formulation contains fresh strawberry cells, cucumber, birch leaf (so it seams not only Russian and Finns love it!), watercress, lemon verbena, rose geranium, oat extract, ginger, grapefruit and mandarin peel oils, shea butter and vitamins A & E-and it smells so good, it just puts a happy smile on my face, so I have a hunch that I will continue using both brands well into the autumn.

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