Mandy Ingber’s blog post: ab flattening yoga workout

I don’t think that I findMandy Ingber and her ‘Yogalosophy‘ DVD so endearing just because she teaches Jennifer Aniston. No, its much more than that-it’s the fact that Mandy varies her workouts, so one is never bored and the fact that her powerful charisma envelopes you like a comfortable hug each time she appears on the screen. She also has a wicked sense of humour that makes me not just push myself so much harder when doing her DVD or working out with the regular video posts that she does on her site, but also explode with giggles like a teenager doing something naughty behind the teacher’s back. The end result post workout ( whether it took me ten minutes or sixty ) is always the same-I feel energised and happy. 

This month Mandy posted a great abs workout ( just over five minutes long, so don’t you dare say that you can’t find the time ! ) that makes you engage the muscles you forgot you had and actually gets you in the right frame of mind to actually exercise regularly from now on, before summer arrives on our doorstep and bikini exposure will catch you unprepared.

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