Maternity fashion

The subject of maternity wear is a tricky one, if you don’t want to look frumpy but prefer to continue being stylish. Quite a few of my girlfriends are either mid-pregnancy or are in their last trimester, so discussions of clothes are ripe, as most of them don’t want to look like cruise ships yet they don’t have a desire to spend a fortune on their ‘temporary’ state.

Maternity fashion has certainly evolved since I was expecting my son and yes, lots of brands like Topshop or GAP design for pregnant women now but with a few exceptions the styles are far from flattering, in my humble opinion.

For example, we all live in ‘jeans’ but maternity ones are either ugly or eye-wateringly expensive, so what do you do? Ok, if I am honest, I did buy True Religion maternity jeans and they accommodated the bump well, but the elastic band kept on sliding down, so I had to wear them with braces-a fashion statement?

There is a very cool brand of maternity trousers that came on the market in 2009 called Slacks & Co, which makes very stylish pants in different styles and materials and one can almost get away with them not looking like maternity pants until the last trimester (mine looked like Balenciaga cigarette pants with little side zippers). I tried to interview the designer behind the brand, but due to the issues out of my control this never happened. Don’t let it prejudice you and check our their selection in Harrods….

No normal woman would want to have ugly underwear, so by a common consensus Bodas maternity bras and knickers come handy, the only downside is that they only come in pink and black but that my change in the future…..

The rest of your wardrobe is easier to sort out, with DVF dresses accomodating the bumps beautifully (or any other jersey dresses for that matter), Pink blouses or tops from Zara in sizes bigger than you normally wear and the shoes-well, unless you have problems with retaining water, size shouldn’t change too much, unlike our waistlines during the 9 hormonally charged months. 

All in all, my girlfriends and I agree that a woman needs to enjoy the pregnancy and feel beautifully blooming, taking care of herself and her bump. Don’t try to hide it or to squeeze in smaller sizes and make sure your waist and tummy are ‘free’ to expand. And you know what? If you are feeling ‘big’ and ‘frumpy’-we all have days like that !-have a look around, you will notice plenty of women and men (!) giving you admiring looks or just smiling at you, as you walk by.

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