May’s beauty buys

Sorry for keeping mum on the subject of products for a short while but I tend to ‘test’ products first and then write about them, so do be patient with me, it doesn’t mean that I am resting on my laurels .)

Bobbi Brownhas benn one of my favourite make-up artists since she opened her concession in BBSelfridges years ago. Her make-up always delivers what it promises-a beautiful, natural looking face-so you look groomed but never overdone, which is the look that I tend to favour. And this month I have added three of Bobbi’s products to my make-up bag:

1. Bobbi Brown corrector-if you have dark shadows under your eyes, putting a corrector before your usual concealer makes the difference between a hasty cover-up or looking as fresh as a daisy. This corrector is both creamy and moisturising, so sometimes I don’t even apply the concealer on top of it, as it works on its own perfectly.

2. Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit: this small black box contains the concealer and the powder to ‘set’ it. Overall I am not a ‘powder’ girl but with this one , if I go out in the evening and put it on, it makes the under eye area look flawlessly perfect.

3. Bobbi Brown SPF Tinted Moisturiser (there is also an oil free version for women with oily skin) it hydrates the skin, protects it and evens out your skin tone for a natural look during the day. I don’t even have to re-apply it as the day wears off.

Becca radiance primer: I am also a big fan of an Australian make-up brand Becca and recently theBecca brand added three new primers to its range-until now I have been alternating between Armani’s fluid master primer (amazing gel like formulation that is also worth buying for its chic and slim packaging-perfect for travel !), Sisley’s instant perfect (that is perfect if your skin gets shiny or if you want to even out little lines) and Becca‘s silky hydrating primer. Well, the new primer that I am using now is called Radiance primerand not only does it smell candy-like, like Becca’s lipsticks, but most importantly it  gives your skin a subtle glow that people, particularly women, comment on. It contains bioplasma (plankton extract) that increases skin oxygenation and energises it, so on a weekend, you can wear it on top of your usual skincare and look casually beautiful.

Dior addict lipsticks: I have added to my Dior’s lipstick collection-I do find that their lipsticks stay on well and are quite hydrating in general-and bought Dior Addick lipstick in ‘diorkiss’(the shade Kate Moss is currently advertising, it is pinky red and looks brighter in the tube, but when you put it on, you feel instantly more womanly and glamorous but in a ‘daylight’ kind of way) and ‘blush’ (browny pink-very suttle but it does add a nice hint of colour to the lips, almost is she or not wearing lipstick ? ). 

If we move away from the face to the feet-yes, them again-I am still trialling Margaret Dabbsfeet exfoliating foot mousse-nice packaging-a grainy scrub that is grittier than my favourite Liz Earle’s one, but it does a nice job without stripping the soles of the feet of moisture. The foot mousse does have a smell that I struggle to describe but it definitely appeals to me and a little spatula comes handy if you don’t want to dip your hands into the box) and Barefoot Botanicals S.O.S refreshing foot balm-this emollient balm contains shea butter, witch hazel, grapefruit, lime, cedarwood and neem-all in all it softens and invigorates the feet-this brand is especially perfect for people who are prone to eczema or sensitive skin but works nicely on people with normal or combination skin too. The balm does have a slightly medicinal smell but sinks in very quickly and moisturises well.

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