Memories of loved ones

Most of us have lost loved ones-grandparents, parents or friends. If you have experienced death of a loved one, you know the feeling of despair that overwhelms you for a long time, the sadness and the sorrow.

In time you learn to live with the loss and try to remember the person with love, reminiscing of the good times and special memories. In time memories or faces might fade but somehow some people who departed for another place continue to make their presence felt in your life and I am not talking about ghosts visiting you.

Recently I was missing someone very dear to me, feeling sad and tearful. The next day something changed and I realised that not being here this wonderful and smiley person protects me and my family, guiding us towards the right decisions and the right people.  And for that I am grateful, because it gives me courage and makes me a more compassionate human being in the process. Loss can make you bitter but it can also turn your life around, make you correct mistakes or opinions that you have held, and lead to the changes that are necessary for us to move forward and not stay in the past. 

Hope you have kind forces protecting you and your loved one in this world too.

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