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Emepelle was developed by Biopelle Inc, which is a recognised for its award-winning, cutting-edge technologies and science-based formulations. Interestingly, it was the only skincare range that was mentioned to me by several beauty practitioners in the process of my research into menopause and skincare.

image courtesy of the late Peter Lindbergh (“On Fashion Photography”)

The major change around the perimenopausal & menopausal period is the decline in oestrogen levels. Oestrogen is a highly active hormone in the skin – with almost all cell types in your skin having oestrogen receptors. Its deficiency results in the weakening of the skin barrier, alongside reduction in water holding molecules, known as glycosaminoglycans and this translates into more sensitivity and dryness. The production of collagen, a major structural protein of the skin, reduces and the quality of collagen changes, which is why we see thinning of the skin and more lines developing. There is also a drop in the levels of antioxidants, which renders the skin more susceptible to environmental damage.

As women age and approach menopause, oestrogen levels will naturally decline. This has a major effect on the body, but reduced oestrogen levels also significantly affect the skin. Oestrogen is an essential ingredient in maintaining skin health and appearance. It activates oestrogen receptors in key skin cells, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to promote healthy skin and a vibrant, younger-looking appearance. 

Emepelle skincare (image courtesy of Emepelle)

Emepelle is the first skincare range to feature MEP Technology®, a new class of cosmeceutical ingredient, designed specifically to reinvigorate the natural functions of skin, affected by the declining oestrogen levels during menopause. It rejuvenates menopausal skin by encouraging the skin to behave as if the oestrogen were still there. MEP doesn’t add oestrogen to the body, it is non-hormonal. Instead, it encourages key skin cells to activate new oestrogen receptors. This process helps restore lost collagen, so the skin looks hydrated, brighter and firmer. A peer reviewed clinical study* in post-menopausal women demonstrated that after 14 weeks of applying MEP there was: 

  • 54% improvement in dryness 
  • 39% improvement in dullness 
  • 19% improvement in laxity 

As women age, they are likely to notice changes to the appearance and condition of their skin, but often do not make the correlation between declining oestrogen levels associated with menopause. Studies (the information shared by Emepelle is below ** ) show that in the first five years after the onset of menopause, low oestrogen levels result in a loss of up to 30% of collagen. Not only that, collagen levels continue to decline by a steady 2.1% in the following years. This is the fastest breakdown of collagen and acceleration of skin ageing that women will experience in their life. 

According to Joel Cohen MD, Board Certified Dermatologist “up until now, we haven’t had a non-hormonal method to improve dryness, dullness and laxity in oestrogen deficient skin in menopausal and peri-menopausal women. In my 20-week open-label study, photos document the very impressive daily patient diary records of major improvement in parameters associated with oestrogen deficient skin. At only 8 weeks, over 90% of participants said that the products alleviated some or all of the skin issues associated with menopause.”

Clinical Study details: 

  • Emepelle Serum and Night Cream were evaluated in a dermatologist-controlled Double-Blind Randomised Clinical Study*** 
  • Study participants applied Emepelle Serum once daily in the morning and Emepelle Night Cream once daily in the evening for 20 weeks 
  • Study participants were not permitted to use other skin-enhancing products or undergo skin-enhancing procedures during the 20-week study 
  • 100% of participants showed improvement in skin hydration 
  • 93% of participants agreed that Emepelle improved the appearance of their skin 

Emepelle combines MEP with advanced cosmeceutical ingredients, including retinol, peptides, niacinamide, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to treat skin affected by menopause, clinically proven to significantly improving hydration, firmness and brightness.*** The Emepelle range currently consists of two products: a light Emepelle Day Serum (£135) and a richer-textured Emepelle Night Cream (£175). 

To find out more about Emepelle, please click here

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