Menopause & Skincare: facialist Sarah Chapman

Skinesis founder, CEO and product formulator Sarah Chapman is widely regarded as a premier skin care authority. Her many years of doing facials coupled with extensive skincare research make her one of the most respected and sought-after experts in the beauty industry. Sarah’s discreet, but multiple award winning Skinesis clinic has evolved over the years, as well as become the trusted & much loved destination for women of all ages who are looking to find solutions to their individual skin needs. In 2008 Sarah also launched her own skincare range called Skinesis that continues to go from strength to strength, combining state-of-the-art technology, potent cosmeceuticals and latest advances in dermatological research.

award-winning facialist and founder of Skinesis Sarah Chapman (image courtesy of Skinesis)

Galina AP: Do women need specific skincare to address changes the menopause brings or skincare ranges targeting more mature skin are as suitable? Would skincare targeting skin in peri & menopause be effective on its own or does it have to be combined with hormone replacement/nutritional therapy? What ingredients should skincare for menopause contain?

Sarah Chapman: Menopause is a challenging time for the skin and body, with dramatic changes in hormones affecting the skin. I’m a firm believer in treating your complexion’s current condition, rather than adhering to traditional ‘skin types’ – so when you start noticing these changes, I would recommend looking for formulas that address your skin’s new needs. As these fluctuations can present themselves in a variety of ways in different complexions, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend purely looking for skincare designed for ‘mature’ skin – instead, look for formulas that target your specific needs.

For example, some of my clients’ skin becomes much dryer around this time – but equally it can also break out into small spots, particularly on the jawline, so needs careful balancing. The dryness is due to a loss of lipids, which causes the skin to look more aged quite quickly. This rapid response means fine lines become more obvious, and women often feel that they have suddenly aged, affecting self-confidence. We also notice slackening on the skin from reduced collagen caused by the drop in oestrogen levels. The skin starts changing in peri-menopause when someone is not even thinking about menopause – as we know this phase can go on for years and generally skin loses its glow and vitality, women feel dull and feel that they are ageing. And it is during this time women often look to up the ante on more technical treatments and in some cases injectables. 

Hot flushes sometimes cause dilated broken capillaries and permanently flushed-looking skin that can feel hot to the touch and is difficult to keep calm. A soothing mask like my 3D Moisture Infusion will work to calm stressed skin – Skinasensyl™ Tetrapeptide will help to relieve the appearance of redness, whilst low molecular-weight hyaluronic acid will gently plump and volumise crepey, thinning skin. You can keep these masks in the fridge for an extra cooling treatment. My Liquid Facial D-stress is also ideal for spritzing on throughout the day to soothe, cool and refresh with skin-defence actives and hyaluronic moisture magnets. Often skin can be misdiagnosed as rosacea during this time, as there are similar symptoms.

If you are noticing new signs of ageing, I would focus on proven rejuvenating ingredients, as well as nourishing, anti-inflammatory Omega oils. Overnight Facial is fantastic for this challenging time; rich in Vitamin A, it will work to balance and harmonise the skin, improving breakouts and dryness. Vitamin A is also clinically proven to smooth out lines and refine the skin. You could also try my Icon Day and Icon Night creams for an intensive, 24/7 youth-enhancing regime: these high-potency formulas combine a powerful – yet non-irritating – form of vitamin A with drone-delivered peptides to transform the skin. Key issues during these phases is a dramatic drop in collagen levels, thereby accelerating the slackening process – for this I would focus on peptides to really supercharge cellular activity to help keep skin firm. Combined with Vitamin A this would be a great option. 

During the menopause, you might also find that your skin often fluctuates in terms of oiliness, breakouts and dryness, so it’s best to continually assess and treat it accordingly. If you have never had a facial, this is a good time to invest in one (Sarah Chapman facials are personalised & focussed on client’s needs in the moment in time) and take some advice on a new regime to help you back on the road to more balanced skin.

I have always been an advocate for nurturing the skin from within – in this case, that might encompass HRT or nutritional therapy or in most cases a combination of both.  It is a time to also focus on Gut health, as falling oestrogen levels can cause digestive issues when we enter into menopause. It is important to note that Vitamin C can be depleted by HRT medications and as it is so important for the skin, it’s a good idea to replace it topically and orally. As a professional facialist, I have seen how much of an effect our diet and any medications can have on the skin – it is the largest organ in the body, after all. This is why I recently expanded my award-winning clinic in Chelsea, London to include Skinesis Medical. Led by a selection of renowned industry experts at the forefront of their respective fields, including Dr Alexis Granite and Nutritional Therapist Marianne Grechko, our team will help you to take a 360-degree, holistic approach to all aspects of both skin and overall health that will deliver visible results.

Please note that this post, as is any other post in the “Menopause and Skincare Series”, is not sponsored, nor features advertisements. It is researched and written in order to help you navigate the confusing landscape of skincare when it comes to individual skin care needs during peri-menopause and menopause.

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