Menopause & Skincare: Indeed Labs, FAACE & Lierac

Touch can have a profound effect not only on the emotional state, but on our bodies as well. When we have a massage our bodies release oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine that help reduce our stress levels by lowering the levels of cortisol, stress hormone, while also relieving fatigue and muscle pain. With that in mind, skincare targeting hormonal changes in female bodies during the period of peri and menopause can certainly help elevate menopausal symptom, when coupled with self massage upon application of your skincare. While the brands that I mention below – Indeed Labs, FAACE and Lierac – haven’t been tested by me personally, all three were highly recommended by the experts whose professional opinion I highly value.

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Founder of Canadian brand Indeed Labs Dimitra Davidson was tired of the unsubstantiated statements that some brands were making about this or that quality of their beauty products. At the same time inspired to create a brand of her own, manufacturing the products suited the needs of consumers from different age groups. For example, menopause negatively impacts skin’s elasticity over time and in order to address that skin issue, Indeed Labs released “me-No-pause Restorative Cream“.

me-No-pause cream by Indeed Labs (image courtesy of the brand)

Even though sooner or later at least 50% of the world’s population will experience menopause and the variety of the symptoms that accompagny it, there are still too few brands that focus on the emotional, physical and psychological changes taking place in the female body. Indeed Labs wants to change the status quo within that segment of the beauty industry and says that their cream not only deeply hydrates the skin, but helps women deal with the process of the natural decrease of the level of collagen thanks to the complex of 14 natural extracts – from the calming Allantoin to multi-functional Niaciamide, rich in antioxidants Shea butter and regenerating Avocado butter. In synergy they not only address the process of the decline in skin’s elasticity, but the decreasing level of skin’s hydration as well.

FAACE skincare (image courtesy of the brand)

FAACE is a relative newcomer on the beauty market, having launched in 2020. The main premise of the brand is to help those who are time-short and whose skin tends to react to daily stress factors, ranging from tiredness to menopause. Menopause FAACE Mask will help those of you, who started noticing the changes that accompany menopause. The mask promises to put the remote control back into your hands with the help of the ingredients that increase the level of collagen, decrease the inflammation, while also increasing the level of hydration in skin’s layers. Rose water calms and refreshes the skin, carrot seed and pomegranate oils, which contain high level of the antioxidants, will make skin look appear plumper and healthier. Rosehip oil and the mono-saturated fatty acids that it contains, alongside rose petal and immortelle oils make skin look more refreshed, while seabuckthorn, which contains multiple vitamins and is particularly rich in vitamins C, E and Vitamin B group, provides skin with the extra daily dose of antioxidants. Safflower seed oil helps address concerns related to dry skin, while the combination of zinc and geranium help with the onset of breakouts. This mask won’t relieve the hot flushes, but it will help the skin deal better with the hormonal rollercoaster that accompanies the menopause.

Arkeskin by Lierac (image courtesy of the brand)

Joana Nobre, international education manager and technical director of the French brand Lierac, which was founded in 1975, likes to remind that menopause is as natural, as it is an inevitable process in the life of any woman. With us living for longer and in order to decrease the emotional trauma, women simply need to understand and accept that the onset of the menopause certainly doesn’t mean the end of the female attractiveness. According to statistical data in 2025 50% of women in Europe and 1,1 billion of women around the world will be going through the menopause. Latest studies into chronobiology, science that explores body’s biological clock, confirm that hormonal changes taking place in female bodies during the menopause affect skin’s bio-rhythms, are the source of de-synchronisation in the cells and can and do speed up the ageing process in the body. Those studies were awarded the Noble Prize in medicine in 2017.

New developments in that scientific field gave the impulse to the lab team of Lierac to develop and launch new skincare cosmetics line called Arkeskin Lierac ( Arke (Architechture) + Skin = Skin Architecture). This skincare line was originally launched in 1996 and was a pioneer of sorts in that skincare segment that wasn’t much talked or written about. Over 25 years later, thanks to scientific advances and women’s feedback, a reformulated Arkeskin range was released. This skincare line combines two regulating bio-peptides – day and night – based on CLOCK genes. Those biologically active peptides can model the expression of exacting CLOCK genes and thus re-synchronise the level of activity of skin cells. Daily Rebalancing Comfort Cream helps protect the skin by increasing the speed of hydration and production of the ceramics. When using Nutri-Replenishing Night Fluid skin regeneration is stimulated at night by the increased proliferation of keratinocytes. The line also includes Toning Melt-In Balm for the body and a daily supplement in capsule form. Each product in this skincare line was tested in seven different clinical studies with over 300female participants, who were going through menopause at the time of the tests. This skincare doesn’t contain hormones and its scent was inspired by the aromatherapy, which took into account body’s natural biological rhythms.

At the end of the day each woman’s peri and menopausal journey will be as unique as the person’s DNA. But proliferation of the brands that not only target, but address the problems women experience during that time of their life, which takes not months, but years, is an important step towards redressing the balance and giving women the tools to navigate their life journey with confidence, beauty and grace. In this instance with the help of beauty products from Canadian Indeed Labs, French Lierac and UK-based FAACE. Beauty and life beyond the borders.

P.s this post is NOT sponsored by Indeed labs, Lierac or FAACE.

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