Merchant’s Yard

There is a new Russian guest in London but I think this one will be very welcome to stay….

Last week, without much fanfare, a small Russian delicatessen with a european decor was open in Knightsbridge. It stocks sweets, that I, for one, remember from my childhood, pickled vegetables, cured meats, cheeses (like Russian cottage cheese called tvorog) and my favourites, Georgian wines (once you try them, you will be hooked, I promise! ) that until recently were extremely difficult to find in London.

You can buy take-away cakes and bread or have a coffee or tea sitting at a small table outside, observing the busyness of Beauchamp place and its beautiful people.

What I particularly liked is the sweet and knowledgeable Russian staff who answer questions and make good suggestions with a genuine smile that you don’t stand a chance of getting if you were shopping in a typical Russian delicatessen. My son was lucky enough to walk off with a rooster lollipop that he was given, while I reminisced of eating one like that when I was not much older than he is now.

The Merchant’s Yard, 41 Beauchamp place, SW3 tel. 0203 1440072

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