Milli Millu SS15 Collection

With every season change the subject of fashion comes to the forefront of female mind and with it we think what new purchases need to be made, in order to make us walk hand- in-hand with fashionable trends or maintain our classical styles with a modern edge. For me accessories always offer a fresh way of completing a look and one of my trusted brands is Milli Millu. Mireia, Milli Millu’s founder and her team always keep customers favourite styles ( adding new colour combinations ) as well as introducing new styles twice a year. Shall we have a look at Milli Millu SS15 collection ?


Above you have the candy coloured selection of The Stockholm, as well as my personal favourite The Midi Zurich. Both are incredibly roomy and will take you from work to a night out easily.


The Bogota is the new addition and the combination of sand, yellow and off-white is particularly striking. You have a handle that is comfortable for the hand or shoulder plus there is a strap , offering you another option on the way to carry this bag. Practical for travel but equally attractive as a daily carry-all.


The Seattle is for those women who can fit their life into a compact bag. There are two sections and it has more room than let’s say a clutch, making it a lovely option for a school run or travel, to keep your valuables and documents in, leaving your hands free.


The Singapore is a great bag for arty women or those women who like large bags. What makes this Milli Millu design different from others available from other high-end brands is the fact that you can zip it, making it secure when walking or travelling.


The gorgeous The Kyoto is a small bag (it’s not new but my eyes al always drawn to it) that looks like a work of art, especially with the different colour grains and colours on offer. To me its natural habitat seems to be on the mantelpiece, above the roaring fire. Or imagine it as a stylish gift for a friend or someone on whom you want to make a lasting impression – it might be small but it packs a mighty style punch.


Last but not least that I want to showcase to you is the bag that is already becoming the fashion editor’s favourite, The Berlin. It’s a very chic bag that has a slight mannish feel yet is feminine at the same time. You have a unique lock that looks almost like a military insignia or  simple brooch, as well as the short handle to carry it a la a briefcase in your hand or a longer strap to put it across the body. Gender neutral seems to be the latest fashion trend emerging and that bag gives a slight nod to it.


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