MINX manicure

MinxMinx2Several of my American girlfriends have been fans of MINX manicures for a while now, but as always, London lags behind in terms of beauty innovations and only recently this technique finally arrived on our shores.

I have gone into my local nail salon in happy anticipation and wasn’t disappointed to start with….

The girl who did my pedicure was really nice and she showed me the possible ‘films’ that I could choose from for my colour and design. After that she filed my nails, trimmed my cuticles, took my nail varnish off and put cuticle oil on my nails. So far, so predictable. The difference lies in what happens next. The manicurist then ‘warms up’ the foil-like film (with shiny mirror reflective finish) under the special lamp and then attaches it to you nail. She trims it to contour your nail shape and makes sure that the ‘film’ attaches firmly to each of your nails. The process is very quick and you don’t have to waste your precious time waiting for your nails to dry. Another plus is that they don’t theoretically damage your nails as they are chemical free.

I was told to be careful with hot water or steaming-the main enemies of MINX manicures- and that it should last as long as my usual manicure does. I skipped home, looking at my shiny blue nails but the happiness was short lived….as three hours later the film started coming apart from the top of my nails, while the base still looks pristine.

The salon was really sweet, saying that it has never happened before and it must have been a ‘faulty’ film, which they are going to report back to the US manufacturing/supplying company. I was offered a free pedicure, which I accepted. Am I disappointed? Yes, as I had high expectations and, like any woman short on time, I would love to cut my manicure time without compromising the quality. Alas, it was not to be on this occasion, but then it’s only my experience, yours might be different!

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