Morning Beauty: Hayo’u Method Launches Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer

Earlier this month Hayo’u Method founder Katie Brindle presented a new addition to the HM tool family, a Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer, in the beautifully intimate setting of Gazelli House on Walton street. At the time when many skincare & make-up brands promise us artificial skin glow, Katie continues to pioneer Chinese Medecine practises that you can easily integrate into your daily skincare routine. Commit to a regular facial massage practise, even if you only do it for a minute or two a day, and you can expect to notice in improvement in your natural skin glow – no trickery or light play.

According to Chinese medicine, Rose Quartz specifically engages with the energy of heart meridian, which is at its strongest in the morning. Rose Quartz is packed full of minerals, including silicon, iron, magnesium, sodium & oxygen. This powerful mineral mix, combined with a hexagonal stacked crystal structure, means that rose quartz retains both heat and cold quite effectively, resulting in a unique ability to cool the skin and support its cells renewal. As such, Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool is the perfect assistant for skin conditions such as rosacea, as well as the time when women start going through peri and full on menopause. It also works well when used on sensitive skin.

“Hayo’u Method has distilled the essence of thousands of years of Chinese wisdom into simple, one-minute rituals & self-treatment tools. Through Gua Sha, a massage technique using Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer & conscious breathing exercises, you can help reduce the signs of premature ageing, while looking after your internal health” Katie Brindle, founder of Hayo’u Method

In addition to physical benefits, Rose Quartz has a number of emotional aspects according to Chinese medicine. Its pink hue indicates positive emotion and it is believed to engage and tonify heart’s energy, which in its turn helps maintain healthier circulation, ensuring more effective nourishment of the skin.

While crystals have been used in treatments and healing practises for centuries, it is only in the last few years their use has become quite ‘trendy.’ For Katie looking after her health became crucial after a car crash many years ago, which put an end to her career as an opera singer. Since then she has been exploring different healing modalities and from day one has placed looking after one’s wellbeing at the core of her brand. Having watched the evolution of her brand from early days, its been apparent to me that Katie isn’t about pushing something unnecessary on the consumer – instead her aim is to educate and guide you. And it is up to you to choose the right tools and products and put them to good use. No magic pills or misleading promises here!

Katie has long been a fan of jade or ‘earth’s gift to mankind’. It helps to chanel world’s energy and balance our ying and yang energies. Each one of us processes five vibrational forces and jade can help align our vibrations. Having used HM Jade Beauty Restorer and comb for a while, as well as introducing Beauty Restorer Precision into my daily routine recently (how I lived without it before I no longer know, as it does enhance the drainage around delicate eye area in the way my finger massage didn’t!), I can say that they do make a difference when used regularly. But do we really need a Rose Quartz tool? Well, Katie is quite eco-minded, so if she decided to add this tool to the range of her products, there must be a good reason, I thought to myself on the way to the presentation.

with Katie Brindle, who is the best advertisement for the efficacy of her products

Rose Quarts is associated with unconditional love, akin to that a mother has for her child. Did you know that earlier recorded civilisations in Egypt, Greece and Rome all revered it and attributed special, if not magical powers, to it? Egyptians actually believed that it could prevent ageing. According to Katie using ethically sourced crystals (it took her about two years to find a rose quartz supplier and not for her lack of trying) can enhance any skincare routine by engaging with your circulatory, as well as nervous systems via regular massage. But don’t use it just on your face – extend it to your neck and décolletage – something we don’t focus on when we are young and then start wriggling our hands at in despair, lamenting lack of effort, in later years, when they start giving away our age, instead of our faces. Just saying ladies !

A lot of daily conversations start with ‘oh I am so stressed’, so counteract that with a simple commitment to daily massage – press stroke over the contours of your face, paying attention to the areas that feel painful or sore. Extend it beyond neck and decollate – Katie told us that you can use her tools while dressed, say during a five minute break from computer screen in the office. But it’s worth noting that crystal tool composition – remember what I told you earlier about the minerals? – can also go directly on your skin. We actually had a giggle, wondering if over time Gua Sha tools thin out. Ultimately those types of tools help merge the beauty and wellness concept into one and allow the body to shift stress and toxins more effectively.

Truth of the matter is, if you don’t feel good, you simply won’t look good. By encouraging our body systems to work more effectively together, by giving ourselves regular face and body massage, we build up our body defences and become better adapted to deal with whatever life throws at us. Look after yourself and you can look after the others and manage your commitments, be it work or personal ones, more efficiently too. Coping with reality holistically is better than living in a constant adrenalin rush.

Another interesting element attributable to Rose Quartz is that is gets cold quickly. You don’t even need to keep it in the fridge. You can use it all over the face, including under the eyes and it will cool your skin down – whether you suffer from hot flushes, are stressed or your skin has a flair up in the hotter temperatures. It is also thinner than the original jade Beauty Restorer, making it better suited to sensitive skin or skin prone to rosacea. If you want visual instructions on the best way to use this tool on your face, neck and chest, there is a video on the Hayo’u Method website for guidance.

‘We carry a lot more than we realise not only on our shoulders, but on our faces too”

Provenance of many crystals that are currently sold in shops and online is often unclear, so Katie is sourcing her Rose Quartz from North East China and her supplier has World Land Trust support. It comes in a soft yet sturdy protective pouch, so you can travel with yours or safely carry it in the handbag. The exterior packaging boxes that ‘house’ Hayo’u Method products are recyclable (eco tip: you can use the Gua Sha tool boxes for keeping hair clips, elastics or even skincare samples).

Its all very well to write about the product, but how do YOU know it is effective? Well, Katie has been honest about using Botox in the past, but with regular use of the tools she has let go of that practise and is quite happy with the results. I haven’t used Botox so far, but I can definitely see a difference in my skin and lines on my face when I use HM tools regularly – so to answer a question, ‘yes’, in my opinion it is a viable alternative to injections.

”Beauty is the manifestation of what’s going on inside” Katie Brindle

Another important aspect of using this beautiful tool is to wash it regularly, so its surface won’t become a petri dish. Simply wash it after each use with cold water and a little soap and towel dry. I also believe in water clearing away bad vibes or energy, so this tool will help get read of tension you accumulate and you in turn will wash it off the tool – intention matters!

According to Katie ultimate love is self love. By nourishing your spirit, mind and body, you help yourself be a better version of who you are. Then you can share this goodness, happiness and calm with those around you – because let’s be honest, stress response messes everything and everyone.

We often reflect life’s realities on our face, but as we don’t see our reflection in the mirror all the time, our facial impressions speak louder than words. Consider this for a minute and maybe it will give you yet another incentive to introduce a small change into your life. Katie, for example, doesn’t just Gua Sha in her bathroom – she readily admits to doing it while watching Netflix too! Whenever you choose to do it, it will ease the tension out of your face – and might even inspire your boss to do the same .) Call it the Hayo’u Method version of ‘turn your frown upside down’.

Beauty that we all possess, because it comes in all forms & shapes, is also a feeling. If you feel good, you will look good. If you look for sunny beams even on the gloomiest of days or in the midst of the crisis, you will manage your life better. Good vibes and feelings can carry us so much further than negative ones that slam us down. And if you feel bad or angry, acknowledge it, instead of lashing out and adapt your day so you can address your emotions, rather than suppressing or ignoring them. As Katie says, anger can be a lesson in forgiveness, if you choose to view it as such. And using Rose Quartz might offer you a perfect opportunity – acknowledge the emotion and help your body drain the heat out of your skin and the system.

Last but not least – what do you apply to your skin before using Rose Quartz Beauty Restorer? I tend to first cleanse my skin, but on occasion when I use a cleansing balm, I use it alongside the Beauty Restorer. Hayo’u Method ‘Beauty Oil’ contains Camellia and Palmarosa Oils infused with Lotus Flower, Lemongrass and Frankincense that help replenish the skin and was especially formulated to work with Rose Quartz crystal. Having said that, Katie is also open-minded about using other oils that a customer might already favour for her skin and it certainly won’t impact product’s overall performance. The best time to Gua Sha with Rose Quartz is from early morning to 1pm according to Chinese medecine. This is best because Fire energy is ‘active’ during this time and you can enhance it within the body by following the natural energy pattern of the day. In the evening Water is active and Fire is completely extinct, so nighttime isn’t the best time to try to stoke it and its best to use Jade Beauty Restorer in the evenings.

For more information about Hayo’u Method, please click here

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