Mother’s little helper

When you have a small (or not so small) child or an animal at home, accidents that require cleaning are bound to happen more often than not. A girlfriend of mine, herself a mother of two boys and an owner of a dog (small but old) and a cat came out with a solution to her ‘accidental’ cleaning disasters-a portable dustbuster. Yes, there is the mop, the vacuum cleaner or a roll of Bounty towels but a dustbuster is small, handheld-kids, want to help mummy?-and solves the problem of spilled water, dirty boots, broken flower pot etc. pretty quickly. Just today my son decided to ‘topple’ a glass umbrella stand-how many times did I tell him not to touch it?-and with shattered glass everywhere I needed to deal with it fast, before he or our dog got a cut or the glass pieces went everywhere. So the child was ‘deposited’ on a ‘naughty step’ and I got on with ‘hoovering’ small glass fragments. It was all over very quickly and not for the first time I knew that this little device allowed me not to get overly cross at the times when tempers can be frayed. My dustbuster is by black&decker, it’s easily charged, wall mountable and as I said above, can pick up dirt and fluid. It’s easy to clean and can also be used outside, for example cleaning the car if your child ate the croissant in the back seat and the floor is covered with bread flakes and crumbs. There are many models and types that would suit your needs and they certainly won’t cost you a lot, while providing long term service. Try it and see if your life gets a little bit easier (and your vacuum cleaner and your back get a little bit of a rest).

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