My first radio interview

It is very interesting how things work in life and how one thought or deed can lead to an unexpected, interesting turn. On this occasion, it all started with an article about Russian women living in London published in Marie Claire over the summer. I strongly disagreed with a lot of stuff that was printed in that article and wrote a post on my site.

A couple of weeks passed and then I received an e-mail from a journalist Rachel Morarjee (who hosts a weekly show on a radio station called London Calling ) who wanted to interview me about my life in London. My first thought was to say a resolute ‘no’, after all, I prefer to interview people, rather than be interviewed myself, but Rachel said she agreed with certain points I made in my post and that she wanted to give a proper angle to a tricky subject,  so we agreed to meet.

It was a novel experience for me, but Rachel put me at ease over a smoothie .) as we discussed various subjects and I learned a bit about her professional path, including her prolonged stay in Afghanistan. I even said to Rachel that in another life I probably would have cherished a chance to travel to a war zone, as I think it takes a very special, brave and committed person indeed to go to those dangerous places to tell a story.

The resulting interview went live on sunday, so if I arroused your curiosity a little bit, please click on the link below and listen ( my section starts from about 15:47) and please don’t forget to let me know what you think-do bear in mind that it was my first radio interview and you can actually hear the slight nervousness in my voice to start with !

I am grateful to Rachel for a chance to talk about two countries that are dear to me and be honest about my views on being a Russian living in the UK!

1 thought on “My first radio interview

  1. How exciting to hear your voice on the radio!
    It’s nice to know that you haven’t lost your Russian roots and that your kids will be brought up appreciating both cultures and speaking both languages.So pleased that you are happy living in London.

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