My latest beauty buys

It feels like I haven’t written about the latest additions to my bathroom shelfCB for ages, so I am going to ration this pleasure….

When Cult Beauty team had their pop-up corner in Selfridges a little while ago, I popped in and met a fantastic hairdresser called Tara Smith, who has the most beautiful curly hair and a sexy husky voice-I just had so much fun chatting to her-be honest, how many well-known hairdressers will talk to you with joy and excitement upon meeting you for the first time? Well, based on Tara’s recommendation-a very objective as it turned out to be (!)-I bought her Big Baby gentle shampoo  and gentle conditioner, but so far those two bottles live in my shower and not…. in the kid’s bathroom…. The shampoo leathers beautifully (not always the case with organic brands), makes my hair feel soft and shiny and smells good too-and when you see the price (under a fiver!!),  you will run to get your hands on those blue bottles with white tops. Mine have no intention of moving from my bathroom shelf, unless they come to the end and have to go into recycling bin .)

From the scalp to the face-good cleansers are a plenty but the one from a brand called Evolve (Eco beauty) is quite unusual in its consistency-it looks a little like loose glue but it’s certified organic, sugar based and it suits normal to dry skins. It doesn’t dry your skin (it is soap-free) and can also be used as  shaving balm-multi-taskers are always welcome to my bathroom.

Now, until now if I wanted to brighten my eyes, I used a good concealer and a white eye pencil (generally by Armani or Chanel)-it makes the whites of your eyes whiter and brighter-well, welcome Light Clarifier Pencil by Three Custom Colour Specialists. This little flesh coloured pencil works a treat and not just by making your eyes clearer and prettier. You can use it to define your eyebrows, accentuate your lip shape or make them appear a little fuller. It can also disguise imperfections on the face-as my grandmother used to say, you live and learn and I dare you to find something more effective at so many little jobs.

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