My summer supplements ( part 1 ): Liquid grapefruit seed extract & Rodial tummy tuck sticks

Summer holidays and necessity to squeeze our bodies into a bikini always spurr us on to get in shape. But fitness alone won’t do it. Your diet counts, of course, but so do the supplements that you take.

I always start my morning with a glass of Evian with a slice of lemon ( and a little bit of honey too, if I feel a little under par ). As a good alternative to that, you can take Citricidal liquid grapefruit extract that can be purchased from VictoriaHealth, an Internet site that is a treasure trove of ideas, supplements and health and beauty advice. It does have a very strong, concentrated taste, so I tend to mix it with a glass of strong tasting juice ( like Cranberry or Ribena ), as I know that it is for my greater good. This supplement  is great for a variety of issues, like bleeding gums, sore throats, but more importantly it acts as a natural cleanser for your digestive system.


After my main meal ( either dinner or lunch ) I take one Rodial tummy tuck stick, which tastes like a mix of mango & pineapple and helps with speeding up your digestion and helping to reduce your waistline ( don’t forget about exercise and sensible and varied diet !). This supplement is rich in green clay ( clay helps to clear your system of harmful substances and toxins ) and tumeric root ( a great spice that has a multitude of goodness for your general well-being ) and contains pineapple and papaya enzymes, which facilitate the process of digesting food by splitting proteins, as well as fennel seeds that help with elimination of toxins, and inulin, which is a prebiotic fibre.

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