My summer supplements ( part 2 ): Collagen Shots & Perricone MD

A few months ago my dear friend Tracey ( it always spurrs me on to research when my girlfriends or people whose judgement I trust tell me about things that they like ) introduced me to a great supplement, called Collagen Shots by Rejuvenate and I was so impressed by it, I wrote an article about it and the company’s founder, Kathryn Denzey:


I continue to take it almost daily ( only forgetting on an odd occasion when my brain is fuzzy after a particularly hectic day ) and have to say that it continues to impress me and my friends who started taking it too. I also noticed that taking it before going to bed on a night when you drink a glass or two of wine ( or a cocktail ), prevents you from waking up with a headache in the morning .)

It is a well know fact that our environment is much more polluted now than it was when we were children, so anything that contains good quality anti-oxidants is beneficial to you and protects your skin and body from adverse effects. When I recently had a chat with another friend of mine, uber facialist Tine, who works with brands like Ole Henriksen, Gazelli & NuBo, she raved to me about a nutriceutical dietary supplement from Perricone MD called ‘Super Berry with Acai’ ( she also takes & rates very highly Perricone MD omega 3 ).


I have been taking it for the last couple of weeks and must say that it looks like a definite ‘keeper’. Each serving ( a 4.5g sachet that is easily dissolved in a large glass of water ) contains a 2,400mg of super berry blend from Acai, raspberry, grape, bilberry, cherry, pomegranate, elderberry, cranberry, goji & blueberry. All of them are packed with nutrients, minerals & essential amino & fatty acids and are great for keeping your immunity in a tip-top shape, while also helping your skin to be better prepared for sun exposure during holidays. I also love the taste of this supplement-imagine a very refreshing berry sensation on your tongue that almost tastes like a freshly squeezed juice, bursting with vibrancy and goodness.

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