My week with Marilyn

My hectic, crazy busy week had a perfect ending, when we went and saw ‘My week with Marilyn’ on a Saturday night.

The movie is based on a true story of Colin Clark, a well-bred young man, who aged 23 and straight our of Eton and Oxford, worked on a movie set of Sir Laurence Olivier’s movie ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’and ended up being a chaperone of sorts to Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn, struggling with drinking, pill taking, her own insecurities and newly married to Arthur Miller, behaves erratically on set and young Colin ends up offering her a shoulder to cry on and a welcome distraction from the work on set.

The cast is incredible, from the formidable Kenneth Branagh, who plays Sir Laurence Olivier, to Julia Ormond, playing his wife, Vivien Leigh, to Derek Jacobi, who plays the Queen’s head librarian and Colin’s godfather and who allows Marylin to visit Windsor Castle, on her day away from the studio, to Dame Judi Dench, who is so regally beautiful and full of grace and old school glamour. Michelle Williams, who plays Marilyn, comes into her own in this role, from little mannerisms to the whole look-she epitomises Marylin, yet keeps a little bit of herself in playing this character-I honestly think she deserves at least an Oscar nomination for her portrayal  of the 20th century icon. And then, there is the subject of Eddie Redmayne, who plays Colin-well, let me just say that no young actor has made my heart beat in such a way-be in on stage or on a cinema screen. This young man doesn’t just play the role, he lives it, puts in through himself and every time I see him in a movie or a play ( and he chooses very interesting and at times quite daringly controversial roles), he takes my breath away with his talent and his natural way in which he infuses his characters.

This movie epitomises old school glamour and beauty for me, it makes you be in the moment and savour every second, because it’s so beautifully shot and it’s so real and wonderful, that you feel immense pleasure being away from real life’s woes in front of the cinema screen.

My week with Marilyn, 1h36mins, drama

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