Natural sleep aid

Modern times bring lots of pressures and stresses with them and often one gets so overwhelmed and run down that our basic function and need for sleep suffers. One feels tired but can’t fall asleep or keeps on waking up. I have read about the supplement called Asphalia quite a few times and now have a few friends who noticed definite improvements in their sleep (touch wood, I have been lucky with falling asleep without any aids).

Asphalia is a food supplement that was  developed by Coghill Reasearch laboratories as a protection for people exposed to environmental pollutants and mobile phone waves. Later it’s benefits for sleep improvement was duly noted too. Asphalia contains berries, fruit, vegetables and edible grasses grown in Wales that helps you to improve your sleep and sometimes your complexion too, due to powerful natural antioxidants.

It can be bought via  or through Revital shops

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