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Motherhood brings with it lots of worries & challenges but it is one of the most magical roles we get to play in life. Becoming a mother also often taps into our creativity reserves that flourish and take us into new pastures. Joo, a friend of mine, made quite a jump from working in the City to becoming an entrepreneur and I think that you will fall in love with Greenberry Kids, her clothing for children venture.


Joo was born and raised in South Korea. She studied fashion design at University and did an exchange year in Australia, where she realised that she was great at the business side of things, as well as dressing up well but wasn’t amazing at the actual design process. So upon her return back home to Korea, she transferred to do an economics degree. With her diploma complete, Joo came to the UK to further her studies and then worked in the City, in trade finance, which in a way, unknown to her at the time, prepared for her current role, an entrepreneur mother.


When Joo’s daughter Bee was born, she went on maternity leave but decided not to return to banking after the first year, viewing her daughter’s first few months as precious. Kids get bigger and start school, so Joo started getting restless and returned to banking, focussing on financial modelling and doing due diligence on businesses in debt. However her passion for fashion was getting stronger and after getting lots of compliments on the way she was dressing her daughter, this October Joo launched Greenberry Kids website and started doing trade & trunk shows, as well as pop-ups.


Greenberry Kids combine Asian prints ( animals or stars, that appeal to both children, as well as parents ) with a Scandinavian look. There are toned down colours like raspberry, grey, charcoal, mustard, dusty pink and a variety of styles for both boys and girls aged one to six years. The sizes are on the smallish side but are very generous when it comes to the fit of trousers or leggings ( sizes go from XS for 1-2 yrs to XL for 5-6 year olds ).


There are dresses and tops, trousers, bloomers leggings, coats & vests, skirts & tutus, as well as accessories such as pretty pom pom necklaces ( so much prettier & more chic than plastic ones ), animal bags & clutches, tights, shoes and socks. Joo is driven by the customer, quality as well as the originality the designs. You will also notice that Greenberry Kids has a very reasonable price point making it easy for you to build up your child’s wardrobe without spending a fortune and having to go to many shops in order to find what you need. Having seen Joo showcase Greenberry Kids at Shop Up in Chelsea Town Hall in early December I can report that the designs, as well as Joo’s wide smile and genuinely helpful demeanour very much stood out during that show.


The clothes are made in South Korea and Joo uses her business acumen, as well as the fact that she is a mother to an active girl, when choosing the brands and designs that she stocks and sells. She cherry picks from about 12 big brands like Peach & cream, Annika, Chatton & Amber and makes a selection which is bound to appeal.


Practicality in clothes is essential, as Joo is very well aware, having build a network of local mothers but so is the fact that girls and boys do want clothes that make them feel comfortable, as well as nicely dressed-up.

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For now there are two collections a year, one for autumn/winter with thicker and warmer textures and lovely designs that can be layered ( the leggings are soft yet much thicker than the ones you would normally find at kids retailers, making for stylish yet warm outfits without compromising on the stylishness ) and lighter & more playful in design collections for spring & summer ( the next collection is due to make an appearance on the website at the end of January ).


For all things Greenberry Kids visit the website here 

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