New eyeshadow from Chanel-Illusion D’Ombre est irresistible!

To be honest, I don’t use eyeshadow often as generally in the morning everything gets done on the run and I would Chanelrather spend the extra time enjoying my morning cup of Illey coffee-gluttony over beauty .)

Chanel’s beauty range is not an organic brand but I just can’t seem to wean myself off it and for a good reason, as their lab is very sophisticated and uses clever ingredients in their formulations and hires the most amazing make-up artists to develop the products that stand the test of time and enhance women’s features.

The latest addition to the autumn make-up pallet is the eyshadow called ‘Illusion D’Ombre/long wear luminous eyeshadow. There are six shades: epatant (green), mirifique (black), emerveille (pinky beige), fantasme (white), ebloui (browny ) and illusoire (the one that I chose) that is a grey colour with a hint of purple in it and it’s such a great shade that I actually now wear it from morning to evening.

The eyeshadow itself is creamy/gel like to the touch yet light-weight and shimmery when you apply it with a clever little make-up brush that is enclosed and that was developed by Chanel just for this eyeshadow. You can also use this eyeshadow as an eyeliner and you have the application technique on top of the packaging.

The magic of those eye-shadows is that they look one colour in the box and when you apply them, they look slightly different, glimmery and perfect. They don’t crease as many eye-shadows do and they stay put without the need for re-application for at least half a day. Another benefit is that you can build the colour up for a more dramatic look, yet the eyelids don’t feel heavy.

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