New from RMS-lip shine

RMS Beauty is a great brand that doesn’t launch new products often, but when it does, I place an order almost instantly.


My recent purchase was RMS‘s new lip shine in ‘sublime‘. This new product is a combination of gloss and lip balm in one, which contains nourishing moringa oil ( source of natural fatty acids ) and vitamins A & C. It comes in three shades: –sublime ( a very bright fuchsia pink but it looks great when you apply it-go easy to start with ! ), – bloom( a rosy pink that is nicely subtle ) and –moment ( a rose brown shade that will look quite nice on its own or when you have a little bit of a tan ). It makes the lips feel moisturised and it does add a nice shine to your pout. Another bonus is it’s great packaging that’s perfect for travel or even slotting it in even in the smallest clutch when you are going out.

p.s Beware if you are a mother of a girl-little young ladies love ‘borrowing’ it from you on the pretence that ‘it’s organic and it’s not a lipstick’ as my girlfriend’s 13 year old daughter told me emerging from my bathroom after she went on an inquisitive explore .)  

£17 for 5.67g pot

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