New kitchen products from the Joseph Joseph team

I really enjoy Joseph Joseph products not just of their innovative design, but also because they can add brightness to a gloomy day, when you are stuck in the kitchen, while it rains outside-let’s be realistic, summer is over, so it’s bound to rain or be grey outside .) and many of us actually do cook!

All of us need knives in the kitchen, so a new rotating block from JJ will come in handy. Elevate Knives Carousel Set have been designed in order to improve kitchen hygiene and reduce the mess. Each knife has a weighted handle with a specially integrated rest, which ensures that when you put the knife down, the blade will stay raised off the work surface. JJ knives also have non-stick, silicone-coated blades and comfortable handles, while the rotating knife block boasts a non-slip base and magnetic knife slots that hold the blades securely in place.

JJ knives

What do you need if you have good knives at hand? A chopping board. JJ new ‘Pop mats’ have double-sided & more importantly, knife-friendly cutting surfaces on both sides, so you don’t have to worry about the spread of bacteria when you are dealing with different types of food ( this is particularly important if you have children in your household). Another great benefit of those mats is that they can be ‘popped’ together for easy storage and because the mats themselves are fairly thin, they won’t take much space either.

JJ mats

In case you are a generous host and have friends or family over for lunches or dinners, ‘Slice & Serve’ will be a welcome addition, as it is both practical and visually pleasing. You have a reversible beech board that sits inside a melamine tray, as well as an easily removable condiment dish. One side of the board is suitable for cutting bread, with clever crumb-catching grooves cut into the surface, while the other side is perfectly smooth for serving foods, such as cheese and biscuits. You can use the condiment dish for serving butter, oil or small nibbles like slices of chorizo or olives.

bread dish
All of the above products & more can be ordered via site, which is easy to navigate and is full of great ideas and products whatever you kitchen needs.  
( pictures are courtesy of Joseph Joseph )

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