New prescription facial offer from Vanda Serrador

You might have read my post about a wonderful facialist based at Neville Hair & Beauty salon called Vanda Serrador earlier in the year. Very soon she will be featured in the “Style Magazine” with the preview of her new and bespoke Prescription Facial but with Vanda’s permission I am going to tell you about the facial and her special offer which is time sensitive.


The facial itself starts with a full analysis of your correct home skin care regime. You can benefit from Vanda’s ten years of working in the field of beautifying the skin and her advice on the right skincare products for you, as well as teaching you how to use them properly and effectively to maximise the benefits for your skin, including a chat about vitamins and proteins that can be used improve to your skin ( £45 ).
Your treatment then progresses with a facial unique to you. It will combine a vast range of fully branded beauty products like Yon-ka Paris ( I adore this range and Vanda introduced me to their morning moisturiser that I have been using for a while now-my definite desert island must ! ), Erno Laszlo, Dr Murad and Dr Schrammek.

This is combined with Vanda’s own unique and instinctive styled blends of oils. Plus, to maximise results, a range of gadgets are available according to skin suitability:

Blue LED Light Therapy ( it  treats acne and skin blemishes ), –Crystal Free Microdermabrasion ( for baby smooth skin and eradication of fine lines ), –Lymphatic Drainage ( it eliminates water retention, toxins and is also good for puffy eyes ), –Red LED Light Therapy/Bio-stimulation ( which enhances the production of collagen and elastin, effectively plumping your skin up )-whichever the gadget used, your skin will feel divinely rejuvenated ( £130 ).

During this entire process your skin, your lifestyle, your diet, as well as several health and stress levels will all be assessed and this will culminate in your own personalised skin diagnosis written report, produced by Vanda, which will explain the best way to use the correct skincare products, as well as an in-depth characteristics of your own skin type ( for example blemishes, ageing, dehydration, sensitive skin, scaring or pigmentation, rosacea and sun exposure damage ). In a nutshell, it will provide you with the knowledge to access a more beautiful you ( full in-depth analysis, £55 ).

If you add all of the above in, that’s a total value of £230, but you can have your own Prescription Facial for just £187 ( a saving of £43 ) if you book it now, before the magazine hits the shelves of the newsagents and Vanda will be snowed under with women begging to fit them in before their glorious summer breaks. 

Book your own Prescription Facial ( 1,5 hrs ) by calling 0207 235 3654

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