New supplements from ‘old favourites’ Organic Burst & Rejuvenated

While I keep on hearing the word detox from a few of my girlfriends as a starting point of their new year resolutions, the idea of a full-blown detox is wrong at this time of the year, when our bodies crave comfort and hibernation. Instead I choose to drink water with lemon & honey every morning, dry skin brush, upping my fluid intake and re-vamping my exercise regime. With it I take my daily supplements, which provide me with nutrition that might be lacking from my daily food intake. Bee prepared from UnBeelivable, a few Terranova & Organic Burst supplements, as well as Organic Pharmacy tinctures help me feel healthier and more energised on a daily basis.


Recently Organic Burst added Chlorella to their existing range of supplements and I can highly recommend taking it now, when the skies are grey and one wants to possibly go for a nap rather than an exercise class. What’s special about Chlorella ? It is a microalgae that contains the highest amount of chlorophyll per gram than any other plant on Earth, hence it will support your body’s vitality and wellbeing. OB Chlorella is grown by organic farmers high on the Mongolian plateau, using the mineral rich spring water and it contains Vitamins D & K, as well as selenium, folic acid, iodine ( great for those who have under-active thyroid ) and Vitamin B12 which is beneficial for our nervous system. We all lack sunshine at this time of the year ( when I was visiting Finland recently I saw no sunshine in four days I was there ) and our bodies get depleted of Vitamin D which is essential for our immunity and mood function – in Finland you are actually prescribed Vitamin D to be taken daily. In addition Chlorella is good for your digestive tract, your skin, hair and nails.


Another benefit is that OB offers Chlorella in either powdered form, if you prefer adding it to your daily juice or smoothie or in a tablet form, if you just want to pop some in your mouth ( the maintenance dose is four tablets a day or you can take eight of them as a booster, alongside a glass of water ). It is also handy for when you travel for business or go on a holiday but still want to keep some of your healthy habits. I now mix Chlorella with Wheatgrass when I make green juices ( or if you are pressed for time you can mix it in with an Innocent smoothies or juices, I like combining it with their kiwi, apples and limes juice ) and while I am not going to make any astounding claims, I can certainly say that since adding OB Spirulina, Wheatgrass and now Chlorella to my regular diet I certainly have a bigger ‘spring’ in my step, hence my body seems to be coping well with all of life’s challenges that we seem to face on a daily basis.


Organic Burst Chlorella, 250 tablets for £16.99 or 100g powder £11.99 ( OB now also does Spirulina in a tablet form as well ).

Another ‘old favourite’ of mine is the brand Rejuvenated, which makes Collagen Shots. While more and more companies are jumping on the collagen band-wagon, pricing their products higher and higher, Collagen Shots actually delivers soft and well-hydrated skin when you take it daily – even my elbows and knees can testify to that. Recently Rejuvenated added another supplement that they have been working on called H3O Hydration.


We all know that drinking a certain amount of water a day will help our bodies flush the toxins out of our system more efficiently, thus making us look and be healthier on the inside but drinking a litre and a half of water a day won’t necessarily guarantee you hydration at a cellular level. When our bodies are properly hydrated on a regular basis, not just once in a while, our bodies function better, cope better with stress and help us lead longer lives ( it helps to remember that not drinking enough water daily can actually be damaging to our cell’s health and ultimatlye detrimental to our own well-being ). As Kathryn Danzey, Rejuvenated founder, states in the press release accompanying the product ”cellular hydration encourages the release of growth hormone and DNA repair, while it decreases acidity in cells and improves fat burning potential’.

Our bodies consist of about 75% water, so it is essential for our concentration, good circulation and optimal cell function, however tap or bottled water doesn’t necessarily hydrate our cells from the inside. What we need is the ionic minerals that help transferring extra-cellular water into cell membrane to keep it optimally hydrated.

H3O Hydration contains actively balanced ionic minerals as a key ingredient in its formula.  Just to refresh your knowledge of school physics and chemistry, ION is a mineral or element that has a positive or negative charge, which means it’s molecule has either one too many or one too few electrons. This unique instability allows it to bond with water, making the minerals available for absorption into our body. As an ionic mineral element has a positive or negative electrical profile, it creates an energizing stability and allows nutrients to be transported to areas in our bodies where they are needed.

We should be eating a balanced diet in order to give our body everything that it needs to function perfectly, however modern farming practises, wide use of pesticides and antibiotics often means that the food that we eat doesn’t contain what we need in its full spectrum and we need to take supplements to make up for that. An easy way to give our bodies the minerals that it needs would be to swimming daily in the sea or the ocean but most of us aren’t that lucky, apart from an occasional holiday.

According to Rejuvenated press release, ‘absorption of minerals primarily takes place within the small intestines. As food passes through the intestines, it allows minerals to transfer into the blood stream but this can only happen if the minerals are in an ionic form. Although stomach acid helps ionize the minerals in foods, a mineral supplement should contain already naturally ionized minerals to be fully absorbed. Each cell has a plasma membrane boundary between inside and outside of the cell and with lipid soluble molecules passing through the plasma membrane by diffusion (within the cells there are also carbohydrates and other lipids such as cholesterol, which help support cell membrane). Proteins monitor and maintain the cell’s chemical climate and assist in the transfer of molecules across the membrane. The isotonic minerals in H3O are hypotonic, which allows for a speedy transmission across the stomach wall. The presence of ionic minerals allows for sodium minerals to flow out of the cell and potassium minerals to cross in to the cell”.

H3O Hydration contains 3,2% Trans-Resveratrol ( it is a powerful anti-oxidant naturally derived from grapes, 0,48% Hyaluronic acid (HA) ( often referred to as ‘the fountain of youth’ in the press because of its ability to hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water and providing a cushioning filler between our cells, as well as helping to stimulate production of collagen ), Fibre and 9,6% Electrolytes ( which are essential for our normal body function. One of the reasons we all feel awful after drinking too much or food poisoning is that our electrolytes become unbalanced, hence the importance of drinking water and taking a supplement like Dioralyte or Alka Seltzer to get it back on track ).

Trans-Resveratrol is a type of natural phenol which is extracted from certain plants, including grapes ( it is particularly abundant in red wine ), which helps our bodies combat environmental stresses. I know several cardiologists who not only appreciate good red wine but also agree, based on scientific research, that Resveratrol is beneficial to one’s cardiac health ( in moderation of course, as excesses always lead to overindulgence which is never a good thing ). It also contributes to an increase in muscle endurance, thus helping us burn more calories when we exercise or are being physically active.

You take a small scoop ( enclosed within the H3O Hydration pack ) of purply-pink powder and dissolve it in 400 mls of water. The powder itself smells of berries and when dissolved in water tastes like a slightly cooled glass of water with berry undertones. The taste itself isn’t pleasant or unpleasant but the smell of it is like an infusion of blackberries and elderflower opening up under your nose. I tend to drink it after exercising or when I return home after a busy day, feeling slightly sluggish and thirsty.

Rejuvenated H3O Hydration, £19.95 for 20 servings

With the cold knocking on our doors from the outside and radiators working hard on the inside this is a perfect time to up your hydration and help your skin, as well as your body, to get its fluid balance right. Try to eat a balanced diet and figure out what works best for your body and then add some supplements, which after trial and error, will help you feel well in your skin. Drink enough water and remember that supplements should help enhance your well-being and not just promise your unrealistic results.


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