New Unbeelievable Launches: Bee Calm & Bee Rested

Sarah Orecchia, founder of the British supplement brand Unbeelievable Health, combines two of her passions when it comes to running her brand – for the bee population and for helping improve the wellbeing of the human population. Two latest launches from the brand – Bee CALM and Bee RESTED are a testament to that.

BEE CALM was researched and developed with the help of experienced nutritionists & formulators. Sarah made suggestions along the way of development, but together as a team they made sure that supplements were effective and safe. Its main purpose is to assist relaxation and general wellbeing. A unique all-in-one blend is encapsulated in 20 capsules in each pack. It includes Lemon Balm (contributes to optimal relaxation and wellbeing), which was chosen for its properties to assist the body decrease tenseness and pantothenic acid that contributes to improving mental performance. There are also Royal Jelly, Passion Flower, Rhodiola, Magnesium & Lion’s Mane Mushroom.

Sarah told me that this new supplement can start to work a bit faster when compared to Bee Rested, as some customers reportedly noticed a quick difference when taking it. However in my case the effect took time and I felt full benefits mid-way of taking pack No.2. Once the effect accumulated, I definitely noticed a much calmer overall daily outlook, no matter the circumstances & tribulations of the day. And to be objective, I wasn’t taking any other supplements, nor drank calming tea at the end of the day.

Top Tip from Sarah: take two in one go, if feeling anxious or annoyed, accompanied by a glass of water.

Suggested daily intake is 2 capsules, but up to 3 capsules can be taken. I tried taking 2 in the afternoon, but noticed that my body responded better when I took one after breakfast and added another to my afternoon smoothie. Obviously there is no right or wrong way to take this supplement – just experiment to see what dose and time of the day suits your body best.

BEE RESTED: When formulating this supplement, Sarah & her team were focussed on helping customers “nod off easier and hopefully sleep a little deeper and possibly longer”. You can also take this supplement when feeling restless, tense, irritable.

Serenity-inducing Lavender plays its pivotal role in helping decrease muscle tension and restlessness – when planetary dances start in the sky, I notice it particularly – while Hops has a soothing effect on the frayed nervous system. There are also nutritional power-forces ofPropolis, Chamomile, Montmorency Cherry, Magnesium and Saffron.

The overall benefit of taking this supplement can take a little longer for the effect to be fully felt, as benefits build up with time. Sarah intentionally didn’t make it ‘too strong’, baring in mind that any people take not only various medicines, but sedatives and antidepressants as well.

Good, restful sleep and feeling calm are particularly tricky in our fretful, unsettled times, driven by competitiveness & culture of snap judgement & “likes”, alongside political instability around the world. Many live a somewhat ‘extreme’ lifestyle and want a magic pill to put all of their lifestyle’s wrongs right – eating on the run or omitting whole food groups unnecessarily, taking random supplements, not resting, not integrating regular physical activity or overdoing it in the gym daily, taking drugs, spending too much time on social media – instead of putting time and effort into their wellness status.

The good thing, according to Sarah Oreccia, is that ‘wellness trend has encouraged lots of people of different ages to improve their lifestyle” and that’s where scientifically proven effects of quality supplements coupled with an individual diet and lifestyle can help you create a much more solid health foundation for yourself. Bee Calm and Bee Rested certainly tick all the right boxes for me in that respect.

For more information about Unbelievable, including the stockists, please here

P.s I was originally sent those supplements to try, but have seen purchased both myself.

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