New Year resolutions

As I was still indulging in delicious food and I am sure many of you did too .) just after Christmas but before New Year arrived on our doorstep, I could see lots of people running in the street, around Regent’s or Hyde Park, as I was driving by in the car-‘fulfilling new year resolutions’, was the first thought that entered my mind, followed by ‘will NOT last’, as I sped past.

I know it’s a good tradition to make resolutions in the beginning of the new year but often our good intentions disappear withing a month, if not just after a few days.

It is still cold outside and will continue to be so for at least a couple more months, we need to nurture our body, which is being depleted by colds and viruses that people around us seem to be nursing, radiators, overindulging in food and drink at this time of the year, yet some of us start actively going to the gym, going on a diet without giving a though to whether it is a good time for it right now or whether our bodies will be able to cope.

A better way is to consider your expectations for the year ahead, think of where you want to be, what’s important and what makes you unhappy and only after that (!) to slowly-yes, that’s the secret for the resolutions to last and for us not to get disappointed-to implement them in ‘baby steps’!  

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