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I don’t believe in the ‘new year, new you’ mantra – the ‘same you, but work in progress’ appeals to me much more. Simply because every day is an opportunity to change, let alone 365 of them bundled together. To look not only after just our faces, but after our bodies and inner world, because without it we will be empty vessels from which we can’t hydrate and nourish others – be it our loved ones, colleagues or just people in general. As the world continues to deal with the effects of the pandemic, our bodies and the way we treat them is more important than ever – while vaccinations might be the measures promoted by governments, I don’t seem to come across many articles re-enforcing importance of rest, exercises and good nutrition to keep us healthy and well. But I would dare and push the envelope and say that bodycare when it comes to beauty products matters too, allowing us to shower, scrub and massage ourselves with gels, balms, creams and oils that can positively impact not only our skin’s appearance, but our sense of smell and thus the mood. Shall I introduce you to the two QMS Medicosmetics products that have been bring joy to my body?

QMS Medicosmetics body duo

Last year I had the pleasure of spending time with QMS Medicosmetics senior management and lead trainer and facialist, which allowed me to listen & learn about brand’s strategy and client services. And using some of their products in the last few months – some for the face, others for the body – allowed me to test for myself the effect of their product formulas. As we dive deeper into January, somewhat tired after the festivities we at least were able to have this year, I wanted to showcase two body products that I have been testing in December. The Firming Collagen Body Lotion providing the skin with daily moisture it might be lacking, while Active Exfoliant Body Foam is a specially formulated complex of AHAs, PHA and Sodium Lactate that invisibly blitz dead skin away more effectively that a loofah would.

Bodycare that delivers visible results is the one you should aim for. Science, not miracles

Regular body massage with a body brush is an effective way to increase lymphatic drainage before stepping into the morning shower, but QMS Medicosmetics Body Foam is something that introduces a combination of benefits to the bathroom routine. The foam itself reminds me of the “Gillette The Best A Man Can Get’ golden ad. It makes me think of men, including my grandfathers and father, shaving in the morning before putting on a suit and going to work. And of little boys eager to emulate their fathers. And now there is a foam that can work on the body surface of both sexes, full of pre and probiotics goodness to nourish the skin, with the enzymes gently, but thoroughly removing dead skin cells and allowing new skin cells to emerge more quickly to the surface.

Exfoliating body foam that also contains pre and probiotics

Apply the body foam to your entire body, from the neck down before showering and leave it on for a few minutes, while you massage your scalp or brush your teeth – yes, picture that and smile, as I do, writing those words, – then step into the shower and rinse it all off with warm water. Even without applying a body lotion or oil straight after, the skin feels more alive and perkier even in the colder and darker months of the year, when holidays continue to elude many of us. This product is as much fun to use (apply it with a light touch and you won’t drip it over the tiles), as is its visible effect, as you emerge refreshed from the shower. The skin itself feels as if it can breath deeper and easier and feels softer to the touch thanks to papaya enzymes and Bacillius ferment that compliments skin’s microbiome. I was really surprised how quickly this particular product became one of my favourite body products, offering twice weekly mini body ritual that makes my skin feel softer to the touch, the scent gently lingering, reminding me of the foam that has been somewhat reinvented in my own mind.

When its cold outside, and the radiator heat keeps the home warm but parches the skin, the skin will never say a dismissive ‘no’ to some extra moisture, especially when our daily water consumption might be not as abundant as it is in the summer. For that reason adding a body lotion to your daily body care is a good idea. An opportunity to nurture the skin, while offering yourself some ‘light touch’ therapy, putting your own fingers or palms all over your body, feeling the flow of energy and appreciation of being alive.

Beauty care is as valuable as fashion?

QMS Medicosmetics Firming Collagen Body Lotion contains patented Neotec A15 complex which includes oils like Marula and Murumuru, as well as Shea Butter that feel like a silky invisible veil. The formula also boasts a liposomally encapsulated firming complex that both strengthens and firms up the skin over time. The lotion manages to mimic the structure of the skin via bio-mimetic effect and is perfectly suited to more mature, as well as stressed skin that suffers from impaired barrier function. Murumuru butter is usually obtained from the seeds of the Brazilian murumuru plant – don’t you just love it when a beauty review turns into a geography lesson as well? – and thanks to pro-vitamin A, offers skin an improvement in elasticity, as well as a boost in moisture levels. Marula Oil, that’s obtained from the fruits of the South African marula tree, is rich in oleic acid and antioxidants that are some of the key components when it comes to skin health. Shea butter that I already mentioned, is obtained from the nuts of yes, you guessed it, the shea trees, which grow on the southern edge of Sahel and lends moisturising, soothing and smoothing effects to the formula of this indulgent lotion. Last but not least, the Sugar Complex, obtained from corn, helps the skin to better retain moisture. While I won’t suggest you ‘forego’ your regular multiple glasses of water or smoothies during the day, this lotion will certainly help your skin feel soft and plump to the touch, no matter the outside temperatures.

Hydration in a glass, as well as in your beauty bottles

When it comes to bodycare products it comes down to various factors, from the price point to the scent and while I am known to prefer more green and natural formulas, I certainly enjoy more scientifically-driven formulas that are produced in bigger numbers than niche beauty products and with the input from cosmetologists, dermatologists and even doctors. At the end of the day what we all want to see if the brand is being honest with its product promises and the effect we see in the mirror. Does our skin feel better, does it look better, does the product deliver on the price you paid for it? if it doesn’t, then what’s the use of that product to YOU?

While some things can’t be fully reversed – age, stress or environmental impact – we can all make better choices when it comes to beauty products to regularly care for your body in addition to lifestyle choices that include sleep, diet and exercises. And another little ‘secret’ – it’s not just enough to buy the product, you need to use it regularly to see the effect and feel the benefits.

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