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NuBoI am always on the lookout for new beauty brands that show promise andNuBo has been sitting on my ‘tester’ list for a little while, gaining momentum.

NuBo is a London based (but Russian in origin to a certain degree, as one of the founders is Russian-hurray, patriotism) and their approach to beauty is quite novel i.e. they produce high end cosmeceuticals without the nasty ingredients.

The brand was formulated by a French scientist called Colette Haydon, who uses the latest technologically advanced ingredients but at the same time makes sure that the products contain no parabens or SLS. However NuBo’s formulations contain lots of clever ingredients, including high levels of antioxidants and peptides (their Cell Dynamic Complex, which I haven’t tried, is actually fully patented).

One of their products is called Voileand it’s balm like formula smoothes our the skin imperfections and signs of tiredness. It comes in two shades-transparent and nude, the latter actually adding a little bit of colour to your skin, making it look luminous, partially due to hyaluronic acid that helps to even out the lines, if you have any on your face-an added bonus .) Voile smells faintly of roses and just makes the skin feel luxuriously soft and beautifully perfect.

The second product that looks like it will stay on my bathroom shelf is Cell Dynamic Bioelectric Buff. As I look after my skin, I know that using a scrub is important, especially as you get older because the skin on the face starts looking a bit more tired due to the slow down of the cell turnover.

 There are many scrubs I have used in the past but generally they can be easily divided into two categories-too soft or too harsh and I actually want a perfect amalgam of those two. This scrub looks like a clear gel with grey particles and it smells a little medicinally but very pleasant never-the-less. It scrub contains magnetite dust that actually re-energises your cells with bio electric currents. My skin doesn’t become red or irritated, instead appearing soft and polished. Daniela, a lovely motherly consultant at NuBo counter in Fenwick, told me that you can use this scrub several times a week without it causing any adverse effect on your skin-and her advice is knowledgeable. Beautifying and re-energising at the same time, what a good idea, incorporate it into your spring routine!

p.s as an after thought, I want to add that quite a few NuBo creams are quite expensive, ranging from £105 to £200, however the Voile costs £40 per 10 mls and Bioelectric buff £38 per 80 g which is very reasonable, considering the quality of the ingredients used.

p.s I have to say that so far the more expensive formulations (eye focus, cell dynamic defence serum and cell dynamic day performance failed to convince me-my skin doesn’t appear any different when I look in the mirror-but then I have only been using those three for about eight days)

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