Ole Henriksen CC cream ( and Perfect Truth CC cream for eyes as well )

Time doesn’t stand still and neither do developments in skincare, so after the hype of BB creams, the mantle has been taken over by CC creams (CC stands for ‘complexion correction’). I never succumb or follow exacting trends in skincare ( after all, what is wrong with tinted moisturizer or foundation-they do evolve as well ), but when I received samples of the latest launch from Ole Henriksen – Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC cream and CC eye cream, I certainly was keen enough to try them out.


Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Creme was developed to help you correct your visual skin imperfections-to brighten, protect and perfect your face by simply using one product. The cream itself has a light, liquidy texture that smells of the honeyed meadow and sinks into your skin almost immediately. The formula is quite moisturising and plumps up the skin with sodium hyaluronate and ceramides. It also contains Ole’s signature 5-source vitamin C complex ( derived from Rosa canina seed, Orange and Grapefruit extracts plus 3-0 ascorbic acid and Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate ) which boosts collagen production, firms the skin and defends against free radical damage.


Many products nowadays contain SPF ( this one boasts a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen with UVA and UVB ) but I would still personally advocate using a separate sunscreen. Of course it all comes down to your genes, as well as your skin type. If you moisturiser already contains SPF, layered with this SPF CC Cream you certainly would be leaving home safe in the knowledge that you care for your skin responsibly. This cream comes in two shades, light ( suitable if you have quite pale skin ) and medium ( it will suit slightly more olive skin-tones or if you have a lightly tanned face ).


What I really enjoy about this CC creme ( truth be told this is the first CC cream that I have ever tried but that’s not the reason why I am so keen on this product ) is that is feels both light and moisturising on my skin post application and it makes my skin look and feel better overall. It creates a perfect finish, doesn’t clog my skin, illuminates my good points with light-diffusing pigments and masks little imperfections that we all have-after all, what is beauty without the flaws. As Ole says ‘you are perfect just as you are. Let the real you shine through’. Just add a little bit of blush, a lip gloss, curl your eyelashes and you are truly perfect.


Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I haven’t heard of an eye CC cream until I tried Ole’s and I have to say within days I was smitten. Like the CC cream above, it has 5 sources of vitamin C, Tripeptide, Ferulic Acid ( it offers antioxidant protection to the delicate eye area, where our skin is much thinner than on our face and helps to defend the area against environmental aggressors ). What particularly endeared this product to me ( it has a much creamier texture than the face CC cream and doesn’t ‘crease’ during the course of the day unlike when you apply some concealers ) is that it illuminates the under-eye area with sheer, light-diffusing pigments and helps to hide the signs of late or sleepless nights. After a bad night’s sleep it’s not primarily our face that gives it away, it’s our eye area, that might have dark shadows, puffiness or just tiredness making us look less bushy tailed than usual and who likes it?


I also follow Ole’s tip to add this cream to the brow bone, bridge of the nose and cheekbones-the areas where sun hits our face naturally, so you face will have over-all healthy radiance to it.

As our eyes tend to be a bit more delicate and sensitive, the cream’s smell is much subtler than its face counterpart and can be easily worn on the upper eyelid as a light eye-shadow. You can apply it with the tip of your little finger or use the concealer brush, depending on your preference. The overall result will be nothing short but naturally perfect.


p.s As yet I don’t know how well those two creams will work in colder weather, but so far both have been proving to be perfect summer companions.

Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Creme broad spectrum SPF 30, suitable for all skin types, comes in two shades, light or medium, 30mls, £29

Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Eye Creme broad spectrum SPF 15, comes in one shade: natural. Comes in a 7ml portable tube and costs £20 

available from Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis, www.feelunique.com, www.lookfantastic.com, www.bathandunwind.com


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  1. I have you to thank Galina for introducing me to Ole Henriksen, I’m now really looking forward to trying the Perfect Truth CC Eye Cream, it sounds really good. Thank you for this great review, I’m off to shop!

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