Ole Henriksen products-summer ‘teezer’ preview

My American friends have been raving about Ole Henriksen products for a few years to me, but as I don’t go to the US often, their excited ramblings didn’t help me apart from increasing my curiosity-who is that man, why do women talk in such excited tones when it comes to his Spa in LA and why do I keep on reading about his products in the US publications but rarely in the UK ones? Thanks to my girlfriends I also got occasional Ole Henriksen products treats and the more I tried the products, the more I liked them. My past favourites, which very much remain present on my bathroom shelves are Ole Henriksen skin inhalation therapy ( perfect for those gloomy winter evenings pampering sessions ), On the go Exhilarating cleanser( perfect for spring and summer mornings, to kick start your beauty morning routine and unlike quite a few vitamin C cleansers that I have tried in the past, this one is quite nurturing for the skin & doesn’t make it feel dry ) and Sun-Light protection creme with chamomile SPF 30 ( which I slathered on last summer and got a beautiful sun-kissed skin that lasted pretty much into the winter months ).

Lat week I popped into Harvey Nichols where some of Ole Henriksen’s products are stocked up in their ‘special brands’ section ( they also sell a small selection Ole Henriksen products in Selfridges ) and had a chance to learn a little about the products. Where do I start?


When you first see the display of Ole Henriksen products I dare you not to break into a happy smile almost instantly-his bottles and jars, with screw on black tops, but in an array of colours-orange ( Ole’s favourite from what my friend the uber-facialist Tine told me), to green, blue, purple-they are so happily bright, so inviting, you just start opening them and smelling them….and then you start smiling even more, as they have beautifully fresh smells-flowery, fruity, even caramelly- in some cases you will come close to lick them, as if it was a delicious dessert on a plate. 

In his 20s, Ole had a problematic skin, prone to acne, so he made it his mission to look for a solution to his skin problem, while nurturing it and not fighting it. He started collecting information, doing research and testing and Ole Henriksen the skincare brand was born out of this creative process.

Ole’s skincare is suitable for anyone from their 20s onwards and it addresses all types of skin problems that might arise as we move from one decade to another or from warmer months into colder ones.

In some ways Ole Henriksen can be put in the same category as let’s say Perricone MD, but Ole pays close attention to the engagement of the products, their smell, textures and creating sensory indulgences and while he doesn’t have a medical degree, he certainly has enough knowledge and curiosity that allow him to evolve and create new products, while combining solution to several problems in one formulation. Every time you use one of his products, it’s an overall experience for your skin and your senses, thus compounding the overall benefit. After all, looking after our skin shouldn’t be an obligation, it should be a joy!

Ole Henriksen products are No. 1 brand in his native Denmark and No. 7 in Sephora sales in the US market. I am currently using Ole Henriksen‘s ‘3 little wonders’ which include his No. 1 selling Truth Serum Collagen Booster ( it sinks in almost instantly, making you smell of ripe peaches, while potent vitamin C complex brightens your complexion and fights the signs of ageing ), Invigorating Night Gel ( which works on diminishing fine lines, pigmentation ( a consequence of unprotected sun exposure ) and skin breakouts with AHAs ) and Sheer Transformation Creme ( which helps to repair your skin with vitamin C complex, liquorice root and pea extract. It feels quite rich when you apply it but in sinks in almost immediately, making your skin feel very smooth and soft to the touch ). 


I have also been using Ole’s Ultimate Lift Eye Gel at night and have to say that even though it feels a little thicker than the other eye gels, it sinks in almost instantly, not leaving any residue behind and it even out the skin under my eyes almost magically, as if by an eraser pen, leading to a tighter, plumper skin. It also works on reducing the puffiness with cucumber and calendula.  

Ole Henriksen‘s skincare doesn’t claim to be organic, but it does contain a very high and potent combination of natural ingredients, which are highly concentrated and are capable to give you lasting results much quicker than many other brands that claim to transform your skin. You can taylor the products to your needs, depending on the time of the year or your skin’s particular need in the moment in time ( Brightening and Texturising come from the the truth products range, infused with vitamin C complex; Nurture Me offers skin solutions to problems like acne, rosacea or sensitivity; enLighten/Erase address the issues of ageing & pigmentation ).

Come autumn, I will aim to bring you more news about Ole Henriksen, his products and exciting news and developments when it comes to his presence on the UK’s beauty market.


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