One of the ‘Supers’ on the cover of UK’s Elle

A January issue of the British Elle landed on my door mat today and oh my God, it has a sexy goddess named Helena Christensen on its cover. I must admit, she wasn’t one of my favourite ‘supers’-I loved Christy and my husband worshiped Linda- but lately Helena makes me look at her with a fresh pair of eyes.

Not so long ago I saw Helena eating at Locanda Locatelli-they feed you so well, you clothes start stretching as you go from course to course-and even though I recognised her, she didn’t seem superhuman, just a pretty woman with a nice aura. But today, when I saw the subscribers cover, she made me draw in a breath and if I was a boy I probably would have whistled!

She looks healthy & tanned, confident and sexy and so, so pretty. She wears the clothes and not the other way around and… I really enjoyed the interview, as it had humour and substance to it. This woman makes me curious and do I want to go to the gym to get a body like hers!! She seems comfortable in her own skin and you don’t get that sense about many models nowadays, do you? Viva Helena, the smart goddess of beauty and a nice role model for the younger generation!

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