Organic Burst supplements and why you will enjoy taking them

Supplements, supplements, they seem to be peppering more and more conversations between my girlfriends. What do you take for energy, skin brightness, for the hair, for losing weight-it goes on and on and to be fair, it is so easy to trip and to loose track. The supplement market is already saturated and new ones seem to be constantly popping up, it feels like it is becoming trend, rather than health led. So how do you get to choose the ones that are really good? Well, by trial and error and definitely seeking doctor’s advice prior to taking anything, if you are on regular medication.

I am not fickle when it comes to supplements nor do I abuse them-after all, if you eat a varied diet with fresh fruit and veg, in theory you should be getting all the necessary vitamins from your diet. However pollution, eating on the run, succumbing to consuming too many sweet or salty snacks or drinks when tired or stressed play havoc with our moods, bodies and our gut absorption, so the end result is that we often feel under par but aren’t sure what to take for our voes.

Through trial and error I found things that work for me, like Collagen Shots or Bodyism  supplements for example, but until recently I wasn’t a big fan of supplements like wheatgrass or spirulina, simply because they either smelled unpleasant or tasted disgusting. One might choose to suffer in the name of beauty but none were worthy in my opinion.

A fellow blogger’s tweets ( yes, social media can and is helpful on occasion, so thank you Danny Stokes ) about a multi-award winning superfood supplement Organic Burst grabbed my attention, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The brand was launched in the latter part of 2011 ( as the brand’s founder Ekaterina Igumentseva told me, she and her business partner ‘loved the amazing health effects of superfoods but could not find good quality products in London-hence Organic Burst was born’ ) and already has won many fans, from regular people like yours truly, to celebrities and people who know a thing or two about their supplements and nutritional needs.


Organic Burst makes five supplements:

Baobab ( feel alive ), powder, 70g, £8.29

Acai ( anti-ageing ), 90 vegan capsules, £18.99

Spirulina ( nourish ), powder, 100g, £10.99

Maca ( endurance ), powder, 100g, £5.99

Wheatgrass ( Detox ), powder, 60g, £6.69

Out of the above five, I have so far tried three of them-Baobab, Maca and Spirulina and I like them so much I take them daily now. Not only that, but in a couple of weeks that I have been taking them regularly ( maca, once in the morning, baobab, once in the afternoon, spirulina, twice-one after breakfast, another in the afternoon ) I actually noticed the difference in my energy levels and sugar cravings. And yes, you read it correctly-I have only been taking them for about two weeks.

Interestingly for me, the brand’s founder, is a fellow Russian and even though she is still relatively young, she is driven, knowledgeable and very nice as a person to boot. Live and be surprised is my motto.


Baobab: is a super food hailing from Africa, where it is known as the ‘Tree of Life’. Its naturally occurring fruit powder is a potent source of Vitamin C ( energy ), potassium ( your heart will thank you ), magnesium ( nervous system ), iron ( blood and energy ), as well as calcium ( bones ), pectins ( good source of dietary fibre ) and essential amino acids ( skin and body tissues ).  

It is yellow in colour and tastes a little like vitamin C. I mix it into a big glass of water and take it generally in the afternoon in order to give a natural boost to my slumping energy levels. So far, it is working and I feel more like a youthful colt than a couch potato since taking it.

Organic Burst sources Baobab from a non-profit organisation Phyto Trade Africa and the whole project aims to eliminate poverty in Southern Africa and guarantees ethical standards in Baobab trade. It is very important for the founder of the brand, Ekaterina, to run a business with a social conscience and I greatly admire this approach from someone who is young and who isn’t motivated solemnly by profit. Organic Burst has social, ethical as well as environmental foundations, and all of their supplements are certified organic by Soil Association and no additives or filters are used. You really do get what is described on the bottle, unlike a lot of the supplements sold on the high street, where you might get a bigger part of the supplement being the filler, and the smaller one the actual vitamin. In my experience, looking back, it really does pay to take the time and read the list of ingredients when it comes to your supplements, you will be healthier and wiser for it. 

Maca: I have heard about this supplement ages ago, from my aunt who has lived in Latin America and where it is a staple in many households and is taken to improve energy levels, endurance ( very handy if you do active types of sport or travel extensively ) and helps to balance hormones ( useful for women of any age ). Organic Burst Maca is a combination of four maca varieties-yellow, purple, red and black ( until I received a fact sheet I never even knew there were different varieties ! ). Maca itself is cultivated in the Andes mountains, at 4100 above sea levels where other plants struggle to thrive.

This formula tastes a little like sweet potato with a hint of caramel, so I take it on its own, mixed with water but it is always nice to experiment and try different combinations-with rice or oat milk, coconut water etc. to see what gives you an even more enjoyable taste. I very much like the recipe from Danny Stokes, a wonderful organic beauty blogger ( shared on the Organic Burst website, in the Community section ), that allows you to have a drink that is very nutritious, as well as decadently delicious.  You can also mix it into your breakfast cereal or musli and yogurt ( I sometimes mix it together with Co Yo coconut yogurt , which is dairy free and Gail’s granola ). This Organic Burst supplement also contains minerals like iron, calcium, manganese and phosphorous.


Spirulina: Organic Burst Spirulina has a full spectrum of nutrients required by your body to cope with daily stress. It is high in Vitamin B complex ( an essential block for a healthy nervous system ), over 60% protein, iron ( necessary for energy and immunity ), gamma linoleic acid, beta-carotine and chlorophyll ( in its essence it is liquefied sunshine ). Spirulina is the blue green algae that has been growing on our planet probably since life-form began on it ( if you want to learn more about spirulina and wheatgrass in general, then a book by Victoria Boutenko ‘Green smoothie revolution’ would come in very handy for information and juice/smoothie recipe ideas ). Organic Burst’s spirulina is grown in fresh spring water and it tastes zesty fresh. Coming from someone who has tried spirulina in the past and hasn’t become a fan, a cup of Organic Burst spirulina mixed with water and a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice ( thank you Ekaterina for generously sharing your recipes ) is actually standing next to me as I am writing this article. To me it smells a little bit like sea air and since taking it I have noticed that I less eat sugary snacks and if anything, don’t crave sugar or sweet things as much. I also like to mix it with the freshly squeezed juice ( try juicing two apples, one pear, half a lemon and half a cucumber or just mix it with freshly squeezed green apple juice for some nice freshness and vitality on your taste palate).


Another thing that you need to know about Organic Burst is that they only source their ingredients from growers that actually invest in the development of local communities and whose production benefits the environment.  Many supplements smell strange but Organic Burst ones taste fresh and smell nice too because they don’t contain any gluten, dairy, wheat, artificial colours, additives or GM. They are also easily dissolvable in water, milk or juice with no residue or lumps.

Each supplement comes in a nice container with a distinct colourful label and gives you a well rounded idea of the supplement’s nutritional content and benefits. This organic brand also proves that a wonderful, thoroughly researched supplement shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg ( Organic Burst prices ranges from £5.99 to £18.99 ), which really should be a lesson that I hope is taken on board by other companies and brands, which produce supplements. I recently trialled a monthly vitamin from a very well-known brand that cost over £70 for a month’s supply and yet, made me feel no different to how I normally do. 


Organic Burst has a great interactive website, where you can find detailed information on every supplement ( there are plans in the pipeline to produce all of the powdered supplements in capsule form-handy if you are travelling with them or prefer a capsule to dissolvable powder ), brand’s business and ethical philosophy, as well as Organic Burst community, where you can ask questions and learn new tips. 

As far as I am concerned Organic Burst supplements are worthy because they are organic, nutritionally rich, well-researched and sourced. They offer you multiple health benefits and they have a heart and soul, if you like, as they not only benefit you but the livelihoods of people around the world, who help to produce them in a conscious and ethical fashion. So why don’t you join a great multi-national tribe and see how it makes you feel ?

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  1. Hi Galina

    Hope all well with you. I have one in test as I write this. It is a two month study so I will not get the results until about end April and I hope it will have a unique enough approach to be interesting for you. Mx

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