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You know how I keep on talking about using organic creams, lotions and potions lately? Well, I have been looking for organic make-up brands that would work for me (queue-the ones that look like they belong in the 21st century and combine organic ingredients with skin improving/booosting formulations) and until a few months ago the only one worth raving about was RMS Beauty ….

Well, now there is a new noteworthy American organicmineral make-up beauty brand on the block: it’s called W3ll People and its formulations are really great. So far I have tried two products that are worth shouting about, so let me tell you about them in turns:

Narcissist foundation/concealer: it is a stick foundation that doubles up as concealer. This creamy stick is ‘60% organic andWP2 100% fierce”-sounds like Beyonce .) It doesn’t contain parabens or petroleum ingredients. It doesn’t melt in the heat and is light enough to let your skin breath. This concealer/foundation contains pomegranate that is quite soothing & restoring for the skin and unlike some organic brands that I  tried before, it smells really nice-a little flowery and a little bit calendula-ey. It is a little ‘rich’ as concealer so apply a little bit at the time and blend well.

Universalist luminous multi-use colour stick-a great one to use as blusher or lip tint or bronzer, depending on the colour shade. It controls shine and contains Japanese knotweed that is quite good for the skin. I use No.4, which is a browny pink and works wonderfully as a bronzer on the lightly tanned skin and a No.1 which is pinky/peony/pearley shade that works beautifully as a blusher or lip tint and also gives your skin a little pretty sheen. Both blend well onto the skin yet stay put, which is always a bonus, either when you are at work or on a holiday. This product contains such ingredients as grapeseed oil infused with green tea, reishi mushroom, olive & coconut oils & pomegranate extract which are wonderful anti-oxidant ingredients that will safe-guard your skin from pollution.

 W3ll People is masterminded by three creative people: Shirley Pinkiston(a make-up artist with years of experience at Barneys and Nars among others), James Walker ( with background in brand development for fortune 500 companies) and cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Renee Snyder M.D. each of whom brings their own knowledge and creativity making up a truly multi-talented but well rounded team.WP1 

 I like their products not only because they don’t contain nasties but because their colours are really great yet not trend led, so they work from season to season. The skin on your face not only gets nourishes by good ingredients but also gets enhanced with colours that blend well and enhance your features in a subtle yet effective way. So there you have it, a consciously beautiful approach to beauty. Who is to say it isn’t possible?

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