organic skincare for kids: Little Green Radicals

Even though I have a few firm favourites when it comes to brands/products that I use on my junior family members (vast majority of them organic, the one brand that isn’t hails from France) I am always on the lookout for new entries to the market that are there for all the right reasons, notably to care for the delicate children’s skin using the right (not ‘green washed’ but truly natural or organic ingredients). Lovely blogger Charlie Hughes, who blogs under the name The Mad Mummy Musings or Sophia’s Choice, put a company Little Green Radicals on my radar and the brand was kind enough to send me some of their products to try.

The company was started in 2005 by Nick Pecorelli (and the vast majority of his team is female, so it definitely has their team of approval) and it makes organic, Fairtrade certified clothes for babies and children with cool, modern slogans.  Nick ‘wanted the brand to be ethical and green but also fun’ and by calling it Little Green Radicals (LGR for short) he thought ‘people would get both messages instantly’. Earlier this year LGR expanded the range by adding skincare products for kids (with some new additions, like baby lotion, shampoo & baby wash, massage oil and scalp oil hitting the web shelves as I write this).

Nappy Balm, 50 mls, £8.95: a 76% organic, balm like formula is exact opposite of many mothers favourite Sudocream (and don’t get me wrong, on certain occasions nothing beats this product). It’s lavender scented formula glides easily over the the skin and is barely noticeable (so it doesn’t block pores). It is a blend of shea butter, sunflower and lavender to sooth, nurture and protect baby’s delicate bottom, particularly while he or she is wearing nappies and the skin doesn’t have an opportunity to ‘breath’ properly. You would find it handy even for bigger kids, for the times when their bottoms might be a bit sore if they are prone to constipation. You also have a handy expiry date at the bottom, forget the pun, of the glass jar, which unlike its plastic or metal counterpart, can be recycled.


Ingredients: *helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil butyrospermum parkii butter cetyl alcohol*olea europeaea oil cera alba wax, lavandula angustifolia flower oil citrus reticulata peel oil calendula officinalis extract *zea mays, tocopherol, **geraniol **linalool, **limonene, **citronellol
*Organic Ingredient
**Natural Ingredient

Petroleum Free Jelly, 50 mls, £8.95: this 87% organic product is particularly suitable for babies and children with sensitive or delicate skin. It is a moisturising body balm that is full of goodness derived from shea butter, vitamin E and beeswax. The product is handmade in Dorset, so by buying it you are supporting local producers of organic crops-I call it spreading goodness all around. You can use this jelly balm on dry skin patches or on kid’s hands and nails to nourish them, while it’s almost neutral smell makes your baby or toddler smell like they should-sweetly natural.


Ingredients: *helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil cera alba wax *butyrospermum parkii (fruit)butter *olea europeaea (fruit) oil *arnica officinalis extract*zea mays tocopherol
*Organic Ingredient
**Natural Ingredient

Sleep Balm, 50 mls, £9.95: now, this lovely mummy’s helper is 99,9% organic and will help to lull your little or not so little child to sleep naturally. It is an organic blend of beeswax, lavender and valerian oils that calms a restless child and might rub some of its magic on a tired parent as well. Ok, I am not saying that it will put your child out like a light, but it certainly will help to sooth a hyper child and make him or her feel more relaxed. Rub it on the temples, behind the ears, on the inside of the wrists and let the sooth smell of lavender (almost like driving past the lavender fields in the South of France & inhaling its relaxing aroma) envelope your child in a gentle hug (for the reason unknown to me this product is currently not available online, so do get in touch with the customer service team to place an order).


Ingredients: *helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil *olea europeaea (fruit) oil cera alba wax lavandula angustifolia (lavender)flower oil valariana officinalis(valerian) root oil tocopherol**geraniol**linalool**limonene**citronellol
* Organic Ingredient
**natural ingredient

Chest Rub, 50 mls, £9.95: this 100% natural vapour rub is a great alternative to Vicks Vapour Rub. It blends together rosemary and eucalyptus oils that help clear the nasal congestions and open up the breathing pathways. It doesn’t make the eyes water or feel itchy and will certainly make a restless night a little bit more comfortable. You can also dot a little under the nose at night-time, as it shouldn’t irritate the skin.


Ingredients: *helianthus annuus seed oilcera alba wax citrus reticulata peel oil lavandula angustifolia flower oil eucalyptus globulus leaf oil rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil tocopherol** geraniol** linalool** limonene**citronellol

*Organic Ingredient
**Natural Ingredient

Soil Association Certified

All four of the above products work best when applied to a specific area. They certainly shouldn’t be used as an all over moisturiser and weren’t developed as such. Each has its individual smell and purpose and I think you will appreciate each one on its own merits.

To celebrate the new additions to baby skincare range, Little Green Radicals are offering 25% off all of their skincare for September with a promotional code ‘organicseptember’.  

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