Oskia facial at Liberty’s of London ( part two )

As I have been incorporating more and more Oskia products into my daily beauty regimen, the logical thing to do was to try Oskia’s facial, so in early March I went to Liberty’s of London to have Oskia’s signature Glow Facial.

I met my therapist, Lydia, a petite, pretty girl with Bambi eyes at Oskia’s counter and she took me to a beautiful room, at the end of the beauty hall that is called Queen Mary’s room-that was the room allocated to Her Majesty when she came to Liberty’s to shop. The room itself still retains the serene and privileged feel, with beautiful art deco wooden panels and a gleaming copper like dome. You can hear the muffled hustle and bustle of people outside, but it certainly doesn’t interfere with the treatment, which is very soothing and relaxing.

Lydia gave me the questionnaire to fill in and explained the stages of the facial. Then she left me alone, to undress and take my jewellery off and came back when I was lying comfortably on the treatment table.

My hair was wrapped in a fluffy hairband and Lydia’s gentle but strong little fingers go to work. Lydia herself has worked as a therapist in Selfridges, for brands like Clarins and Eve Lom and when she was offered the job with Oskia, she happily accepted it and has now been with the company for about six months or so.

The facial treatment was developped for Oskia in collaboration with Abigail James and the brief in Abigail’s words was ‘to develop a range of treatments to compliment Oskia’s products. Originally we started with a signature facial, which is designed to be an effective, but a totally luxurious experience, but it includes a touch of everything you would want in a facial from steam and extraction, brightening mask, warm oil mask, skin lifting and connective tissue massage with an upper back and shoulder massage’. When I asked Abigail about her creative process, she said that when she is designing a treatment, it is quite a creative process and develops over time, as she chooses to work and explore with the products to get the best out of them.

The only time when my face felt slightly uncomfortable was when Lydia applied the scrub to my face, as for some reason I do find it a little too active for my face. The rest was blissful-the cleansing with Oskia’s wonderfully thorough yet nourishing cleanser, the mask, the shoulder massage and my god, the facial massage that was just incredible-Lydia seemed to time it with the music, that was quietly playing in the room and the actual moves-one felt like the fluttering of the opening and closing ladies hand fan-it felt truly blissful !!! 

As the room and the building itself are quite old and it can be a fire hazard, being one of the oldest building in London, which has a lot of wood as part of its structure, therapists are not allowed to burn any candles, so Lydia has to warm up Oskia’s massage candle in order to release the relaxing aroma and use the oil on the face during massage.

When the treatment was finished ( during which I willed myself to stay awake-a sign of a great treatment for me, when one’s mind calms down ) Lydia brought me a peach infused glass of water and half a passion fruit to eat and then she left the room, to let me calm down to Earth and get myself together, out of truly relaxed, empty of thoughts mind state.

When I was ready, I serenely walked from the treatment room to Oskia’s counter where I asked Lydia for some samples and bought Oskia’s night cream, after which I thanked my therapist and left the building with a big, relaxed smile on my face that stayed put until I went to bed late at night. 

Oskia’s signature Glow facial lasts 45 minutes and cost £40, redeemable against Oskia products purchased on the day of the treatment    

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