Otto pizza on a rainy sunday


One rainy and gloomy Sunday we found ourselves in Notting Hill, feeling hungry but not knowing where we actually wanted to go, when all of a sudden I had a brain wave and suggested we try the pizza place called Otto.

Otto pizza is a small place and luckily for us it wasn’t too busy when we came in-beware if you fancy this place on Friday or Saturday evening! 


It doesn’t look like much inside-the tables and chairs are very basic and the wall paint looks a little dark, well on a rainy day it did but the food so makes up for the interior’s simplicity…..

Our order was taken very quickly and the guy taking it was very sweet and enthusiastic, telling us that we can order by the slice or the whole pizza but warning us that as they use a corn and organic wheat flour base, their cornmeal crust pizza tends to be more filling than the regular ones we all order from pizza chains. We waited while the pizzas were freshly made-you can see all the action taking place in the kitchen and then our feast began-the pizzas were brimming with flavour and looked so appetising we all rapidly tucked in. We tried the four cheese one, the ricotta & pesto one, the day’s special with mushrooms-my personal favourite on that day (!) and pepperoni-a little spicy but the tomatoes underneath cooled everything and made the combination just perfect.

It turned out that Tom, who was serving us, was one of the owners and he told us that he and his business partner Rich used to work in finance (marketing and consulting) but when the financial crisis happened, they went to the States on a trip and tried a delicious corn based pizza in Oregon and that’s how the idea of Otto was born-they even have a small toy Otto van for kids to play with.

The great thing about Otto pizza is that their pizzas are very filling indeed-I only mastered three slices (and they are very generous in size) and we all were quite full until dinner time but without the energy slump that you normally get after eating pizza plus Otto pizzas are really brimming with flavour, so you don’t feel guilty enjoying it and can easily play the game of ‘guess the ingredients’ with your children .) Another good thing that they do takeaways too .) which we used when we had friends over-suffice to say that they weren’t disappointed .)

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