Pai exfoliator

As winter comes to an end and spring arrives you don’t just have to look outside-come to the mirror and examine your complexion. Unless you have been vacationing in warm climates the skin on your face looks white and doesn’t glow, thank you very much cold winter.

Pai, an organic brand for sensitive skin recently launched ‘Kukui & Jojoba bead skin brightening exfoliator’ and I have to say, the result that it produced on my skin after just one application is quite impressive.

First of all, this exfoliator is a a bright, zesty colour, which cheers you up even before you applyIMG_0452 it to your face. It has a fresh, lemony smell and once you have spread it all over your face with the tips of your fingers, it turns milky-white. This product not only gets read of the dead skin cells, it also nourishes and moisturises your face-not many scrubs can boast about such multi-tasking effects. When you wash it off your face, your skin smells delicious, it glows and it feelsIMG_0453 soft to the touch. Overall it’s like a cleanser, exfoliator and oil serum all in one.

This exfoliator’s micro-sphere system ( jojoba beads produce very gentle buffing action and help to refine skin’s texture ) gently polishes the skin, while the high concentration of organic avocado and kukui ( it provides your skin with a unique blend of Omega 3 and 6 and protects skin’s moisture barrier) oils nouriches your skin. This exfoliator also contains sunflower, apricot, sweet almond, frankincense, may chang oils, vitamin E and orange fruit water.

While Pai skincare was developed for sensitive and sensitised skin in mind, I think this skin brightening exfoliator will work on any skin, be it mature, combination or normal and unlike many scrubs it will offer your skin a cumulative treat.

Another plus of this product is that it has a lock pump, that keeps this product in optimum condition on your bathroom shelf.

Pai Kukui & Jojoba bead skin brightening exfoliator, 30 mls, £ 20

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