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There is a plethora of facials and many of them resemble each other, the difference generally lies in the therapist, their skill and technique. Until now I haven’t had organic facials, or any treatment at Content beauty/wellbeing store for that matter, so I was really looking forward to an organic Pai facial.

Pai skincare uses pure, plant based ingredients and was originally developed with sensitive andIMG_0317 sensetised skin in mind. I have used Pai’s ‘Camellia & Rose gentle hydrating cleanser’ for a couple of months now and love the effect it has on my skin. It smells very subtly of rose and contains camellia, sweet almond, rose, geranium, lavender, may chang & sustainable palm oils, coconut derived emulsifier-which doesn’t strip the skin, unlike many other cleansers which contain harsher, chemical ingredients and natural vitamin E ( which is great for nourishing your skin ) and comes with the exfoliating muslin cloth-personally I prefer to use this rather than the growing in popularity Clarisonic brush-call me old-fashioned, but often something ‘old’ works better than something ‘new’. I also find that this cleanser is gentle enough to remove your make-up and greatly compliments Pai’s ‘Echium BioRejuvenate eye cream’, which in its turn reduces the appearance of fine lines, moisturises the delicate skin around the eye area and contains Pai’s unique concentration of stearidonic & y-linolenic acids ( Omega 3 & 6 ) which act as skin calming agents-why am I telling you this before talking about the facial? Well, if you book your facial before the end of January, you will get both products, worth £50 as a complimentary gift-not a bad incentive to find the time to have a relaxing and nourishing facial.

There are two types of one hour Pai organic facials: a detox & decongest one and a restore & rejuvenate one-I chose to have the latter one last week. Laura Jones was my therapist and she gave me a health questionnaire to fill in before we went downstairs into the treatment room. I have to say that the treatment room is tiny and is quite spartan, but you are going to lie down on the treatment bed and keep your eyes closed for most of the time, so its more the skill of the therapist and the peacefulness that you should be concerned about-and from that point of view the room works well.

Laura explained to me what she was going to do, stage by stage, before she left me to get undressed and get under the covers. When she returned she put a warm towel compress on my feet and a stretchy headband over my hair and with that out of the way, she got to work. Laura has lovely soft hands but you can request the pressure of the massage-I prefer to have a stronger one personally. She double-cleansed my face and that process alone nearly put me to sleep-part Laura’s skill, part the calming smell of the products used.

What is different about Pai’s facial is the lack of extraction in the traditional sense of the word. Normally, no matter how skilled the facialist is, extraction is uncomfortable at best-well, one has to suffer a little to be beautiful as the saying goes, but as Pai skincare and facial was developed for sensitive and sensitised skin, you can fully relax during this facial and when you leave the treatment room I promise you there will be no redness on any part of your face.

Laura also uses lymphatic massage and never before my face felt so so much plumper after the treatment-and not just after I left the treatment room, but for a good few days afterwards. As the facial was finished Laura told me to try to take it easy for the rest of the day, if I could, because she worked on some points on my head, neck and chest that will help with flushing of the toxins, warned me to drink lots of water for the rest of the day, if I didn’t want to get a headache and to stay away from raw food, as it takes longer to digest and will put more pressure on my system, which will be clearing toxins and extra fluid post facial. I also quizzed Laura on how often should one exfoliate and heard an answer that I haven’t heard before, but the one that I mentally filed into my ‘need to remember for the future’ cabinet-if you have normal/combination skin like mine, you shouldn’t exfoliate more than once a week, because it thins down and unsettles your skin’s barrier and makes it more difficult for your epidermis to retain moisture, which is essential for your skin’s renewal-there actually have been scientific studies that prove that those of us who keep themselves regularly hydrated have younger looking skin for longer and even in later years will have less problems maintaining their skin’s condition.

Pai one hour facial costs £65 and includes a gift bag with two products mentioned above, worth £50, if you book either of Pai’s one hour facials in January.

To book call Content on 44 (0)20 3075 1006

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