Phylia de M. or you only need three products to transform your hair

In general I tend to get more excited about skincare or body care, than hair care product launches-don’t ask me why, truth be told, I don’t know the answer to this question.

Haircare comes and goes into my shower or bath, most don’t last the distance, a select few do, like products from Jo Hansford, Liz Earle, Shu Uemura or Percy & Reed-my so called ‘tried and tested’, but recently I started raving ( not just to my family and girlfriends, but anyone who would listen ) about a three product hair care range from the US called Phylia de M.

Phylia de M is an organic cell & keratin ( the latest buzz word in the hairdressing salons for the last couple of years at least ) hair care line which allows you to have a healthy scalp, beautiful thick hair, with the use of their gentle & non-toxic formulations. The range was developed by LA residents & friends Kazu Namise ( Kazu has worked for her family’s organic hair, skin & health company Miyamonte Japan as well as in hospitality PR and brand marketing in the past ) and Kidada Jones ( Kidada works as a brand and marketing consultant, as well as the first ever retail co-brand designer with Hasbro & Disney ).

Phylia de M is based on the philosophy, science and life’s work of Kazu’s godfather, Dr. Dick Miyayama, who also combined ancient Mayan and Aztec recipes with modern science thus creating three products-a shampoo, a conditioner and a scalp spray.

Dr. Miyayama has done many studies and concluded that they key to healthy hair, skin and nails are literally at the root, as the nerves that supply vital keratin to them, over time become disconnected from the hair follicle.

Using a proprietary blend of aloe ( renews keratin function ), tannic ( repair cell damage ) and pure humic-free fulvic ( a very nurturing as well as healing ingredient ) acids, which are cultivated on his farm ranch in Mexico, Dr. Miyayama created a formula which encourages our own body’s ability to renew cells and restore keratin. When you wash your hair with the Phylia de M Clean shampoo for example, you are also encouraged to wash your eyebrows with it and to lather some of it over you nails and the nail bed as well-so it’s not just a shampoo, it’s a great overall nourishing treatment and sensory experience all in one.


Those three products were developed to treat a variety of hair and scalp conditions, be it hair loss, thin or limp hair or the damage to the hair from over-processing or using too many hair products.

The action of the growing hair is essential for our health, as both our hair and our scalp protect the nerves that surround our skull and brain, thus the hair and the scalp are also the key outlets for toxins from the blood circulating in our bodies.

Most of us take great care to look after our faces but by caring for our scalps we are also relieving our liver and kidneys from excess toxins. If you take a strand of your hair and give it to the scientist to put under the microscope, just one hair can tell so much about you ( it’s a barometer of our health in a way, as diseases & dysfunctions are reflected in the condition of our scalp and hair )-how you sleep, do you drink enough, is your body deficient in any of the vitamins, yet many of us choose to over-process our hair, using hair straighteners, blow dryers and lots of products on our hair, overloading our systems and our scalps and often creating problems, that start with such a simple sin as not washing the shampoo out of our hair properly.

According to Phylia ‘Scalp Sense’ ( see the picture below ), if you have excessively oily scalp, then you need to pay attention to your liver health, while excessively dry scalp can be a sign that you need to pay attention to your kidneys and avoid excess sugar. And a receding hair line around upper forehead can represent the overly stressed optical nerve…..


When I first tried Phylia de M. ‘Clean’ shampoo I instantly noticed that my hair felt softer and fuller after just one (!) wash. The longer I use it, the better my hair feels to the touch. I also use it on my eye brows and massage it into my nail cuticles, while I massage the shampoo into my hair and scalp-and a good scalp massage not only wakes you up or calms you down ( depending on which reflexology points you are massaging ), it also boosts the blood supply to your hair thus giving it a great vitality boost.  The shampoo, which is yellow and feels a little gel like when you put it in your hand ( you only need a small amount, as it lathers really well ), also has a beautiful and uplifting flowery smell ( neroli orange flower blossom ) that encourages me to sing as I wash my hair-maybe it also has some secret joy molecules as part of its formula?

Phylia de M. condition combines soothing chamomile with the above mentioned proprietary blend and its combination allows your hair to have a relaxing, as well as moisturising treatment that can also be used as an intense daily leave-in treatment. Truth be told, I have never tried a hair product before that has been so effective and transformative from the beginning as Phylia de M. shampoo and conditioner and that’s why I feel the need to tell anyone who would listen about it. And it’s not like you would need to do something that you haven’t been doing already-washing your hair regularly-but the effect of those products on your hair will very quickly become quite obvious. After all, we all give envious glances to women with lustrous, thick, shiny hair and you actually could become this woman !   


The third product in the range, the rejuvenating treatment spray called Connect, I haven’t tried, but I just might, in the name of research in the future, as it’s the most potent product in the range,a hero of sorts, as its effect is the more cumulative, the more you use it. 

I was very lucky that Kazu, one of the founders of Phylia de M. has kindly agreed to answer a few of my questions, so please read her answers below and I hope it will make you take some action to look not only after your face and body, but your crowning glory-the hair, too!

Q & A with Kazu Namize from Phylia de M:

GAP:Kazu, when did you first launch your products in the USA, what was the initial customer reaction?

KN: We softly launched in November 2011 to friends and family, with the official launch at the beginning of 2012. At first people read through our science and history, and became very interested in it. Once they actually tried the products, they absolutely loved them. We are thrilled and greateful for the incredible reception we’ve gotten so far ! 

GAP: Was it difficult to get a placement? Who was/were your first stockists?

KN: We are a small family company introducing a revolutionary new scalp & hair science, so our approach was small and targeted and we work with vendors who share the same passion for the quality and innovative products, who also have the foundation to strongly communicate a product and story like ours. As we work closely with the companies that sell our line, we really look for a connection with them-and we have been so lucky with amazing stockists! Our first stockist in the US were in LA: Andy LeCompte Salon and Byron & Tracey Salon ( two of LA’s best !) and in NY, the lovely Shen Beauty. We followed with exclusive partnerships in the UK with the absolute best health & beauty site,, and in Spain on the amazing

GAP: What was the ‘twist’ that inspired you to return to work for the family company?

KN: I had worked for my family for seven years for their brand in Japan and left on a three year departure to work in hospitality PR and brand marketing to get experience and to try something new. The timing to come back just felt right-the science, the philosophy and the products of my godfather, the founding scientist Dr. Miyayama, are truly what I believe in most and I was excited to come back to it in a new way, with my stamp on it !

GAP: How did you and Kidada meetand why did you decide to go into business together? Is it difficult to be friends, as well as business partners?    

KN: We met about seven years ago through a very dear mutual friend. Kidada is a life-long hair product aficionado and lover of all things Japanese, who was always looking for an all natural product that actually works for optimum hair GROWTH and HEALTH. She was our toughest client who became our best client. She asked us questions all the time (over many years) and communicated new concerns, new hair issues, and we worked with her to find ways to use our line to maximize its benefits along with her evolving hair care issues and lifestyle. And at every turn, we saw such amazing results! We’ve been wanting to brand our own line of these formulas for five years and so happy to be able to share it now. We have a third business partner, Giles Hayward, as well and we couldn’t be more blessed with our Founding Team. I think the most important thing to share as business partners is a common philosophy and goal and the three of us have that with each other within Phylia. Our friendships are more enriched by our connection to the philosophy and science of our product.
GAP: In addition to using Phylia de M products ( so far I have been using your shampoo and conditioner ) do you recommend any vitamins to your clients or specific products in the diet?
KN: In Japan we say, food is medicine, so the best is to maintain a balanced diet with high quality organic foods. The other important note is to find what relaxation really means for you and to incorporate that into your daily life. Life is full of stresses that can negatively affect our body functions (such as healthy hair growth!) and we are in best form when we manage to relax those stresses. 
GAP: What’s your opinion on brushing of the hair? Does one need to use a specific brush ?
KN: We recommend scalp and hair brushing. For the scalp, it is an additional cleansing mechanism, as it sweeps up oil and dirt while it improves circulation in the scalp. I love to do a good scalp brushing before I apply our CONNECT treatment spray. For the hair, it keeps it soft and shiny. We recommend KENT Natural Boar bristle brushes.
Clean shampoo by Phylia de M. 265 mls, £28
Condition by Phylia de M. 265 mls, £30
Connect by Phylia de M. 120mls, £45
Three piece kit by Phylia de M. £103

9 thoughts on “Phylia de M. or you only need three products to transform your hair

    1. dear Sylvia,
      I think it is safe to use post chemotherapy. To be on the safe side, can I ask you to e-mail Phylia De M team directly? They have great customer service team and will be able to give you a definite answer. Hope that helps.

  1. Hello. Can you tell where I can purchase the 3 piece kit or each product individually? I live in Edinburgh, Scotland but happy to order by email. Thank you

    1. hello Carol, you can order from Victoria Health, their website is highly addictive for the products that they stock, as well as advice offered. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. I read somewhere that the re-connect product, since it contains fulvic acid, stripped hair color. so if you colored your hair you would have to do so more frequently. Can you comment on that? Thank you

    1. dear Betty,
      indeed I have highlights in my hair but can’t say that I had to go to the hairdresser more often when using Phylia de M Re-Connect. Hope that’s helpful to you but of course, we all have different hair and might respond differently to the product in question. Galina

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