Pomellato exibition

There are so many jewellery brands nowadays that it is extremely difficult to choose-and I am not talking here about jewellery worth thousands and thousands of pounds, let alone millions.

I am quite level-headed when it comes to jewellery and do know what I like and dislike but sometimes even I can be swayed by the sheer beauty of a certain piece.

I remember very well walking through Somerset House a few years ago, in a complete trance, through the JAR exhibition. Every single piece was amazing and I wanted so many pieces-luckily for my husband none was for sale .)

Recently I was walking on Bond street and popped into Pomellato store, a few steps away from Claridges hotel. Pomellato is an Italian brand and their pieces are beautifully crafted and unlike any other jewellery brand.

Olga Grant, one of the sales assistant, was answering my endless questions and then, she asked me if I wanted to see something rare. Of course, the curious me, said ‘yes’ straight away.

I was taken upstairs, where 12 or 13 lacquered boxes were lined on the table. Each contained an extraordinary piece of jewellery, a ring or a pair of earrings made of gold and precious and semi-precious stones like moonstone or coral. Each piece was one of a kind, quite ostentatious and I wish I could buy some of them on the spot. The exhibition has been travelling around the world and is in London for April, before going back to Italy and France and then might be coming back to London for a few weeks later in the year. If you have the time, I strongly urge you to go and feast your eyes on the beauty of the craft that is jewellery making.

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