Presidential Elections in Russia

My vote was cast today, but the whole process left me with a strange feeling-when Parliamentary elections took place there were long queues at the Russian Embassy in London, even though everything was very well organised and the staff was very courteous and friendly.

Today London wasn’t just overcast, it rained really hard but that still doesn’t make sense that there were so few people coming in to vote. Even the so-called demonstrators-30 at most, sneaked in to the closest pub as soon as it started raining harder. People’s mood seemed downcast, even the Embassy staff was somewhat subdued……Elections always bring hope and the sense of interesting changes, I remember the sense of excitement when Yeltsin came into power, when Blair was elected, when Cameron drove to see the Queen, yet today the mood was quite, thoughtful and completely in tune with the weather.

I hope that after Putin’s inauguration the mood will lift and Russia will move into the right direction for its current and future generations. I hope that there will be a renewed sense of purpose and hope that we will change for the better, looking at our past, learning from it and moving into the future, taking on board only what defines us best. After all, Russia is unlike any other country, with its own sense of pride, traditions and culture and I feel immense pride that I was born and raised there.

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