Purify body & face with Saint Iris Adriatica

Saint Iris Adriatica is a brand with Croatian roots, but a UK base. What makes this indie beauty brand stand out is the focus on the multi-functionality of products and being able to use them on BOTH the face and the body. On the face of it, one of brand’s recent launches, Purity Paste, is a rejuvenating 3 minute express mask. Its versatility lies in the fact is that you can as successfully use it all over the body. And I was particularly keen to explore this type of multi-functionality of skincare in the winter months.

Purify the skin with Saint Iris

The creamy mask is highly active and has a gentle warming action, which brightens, refines and boosts skin’s natural radiance and glow. With Mediterranean cedar particles, kaolin and willow bark extract to clean and refine the pores, smooth the skin, even the tone and fade discolouration, the effect is particularly noticeable when the skin is pale in colder months of the year and you can see the imperfections clearly. I think it’s also worth mentioning that this purifying mask for the skin doesn’t feel like your traditional clay mask at all.

The idea for this mask came to Sanela Lazic, founder of Saint Iris Adriatica, when she was reminiscing of the sea spa rituals in her native Croatia, being wrapped up in seaweed and the skin heating up naturally, which according to Sanela is a definitive treat worth experiencing.

A loving embrace for skin and body

The mask itself is brick red in colour and contains Omegas and glycerides packed with Olive complex, seaweed protein, PHA (gluconalactone), seaberry and 20 wild plant oils, including Vitamin A rich wild cherry kernel to help revitalise, plump and nourish the skin. This product is also well suited to the skin stressed by modern lifestyle, so while you do need to address those yourself, the mask will help to undo some of the existing damage.

Lean into multifunctional skincare with saint Iris Adriatica

One of the star ingredients is the Flower of Salt that is hand-harvested from Croatian algae-rich sea salt basins in Central Dalmatia, which contain over 80 essential minerals, including copper that will helps boost the clarity of the skin. When you apply the mask ( it feels like a combination of moisturiser and paste ) to your face, make sure you stay clear of your eyes, as well as not keeping it on for longer than three minutes! Any mask with BHA will cause a tingle (it did in my case, but it didn’t cause any redness), but the Purity Paste is rich in iron and was formulated to heal skin and open up the pores. Yes, the paste will stimulate the blood vessels, hence the tingling you might feel on some areas of the face, but you shouldn’t get any redness. And I didn’t experience any tingling, just the pleasant warmth when I apply the Purity paste all over my body, from the neck down to my feet. According to Sanela ‘there is no barrier damage and skin WILL feel softer afterwards”.

caress the body while looking after the skin

If using the Purity Paste on your face, apply carefully to dry skin all over your face, omitting the eyes area. Keep it on for three minutes on the face and massage gently, before rinsing it off thoroughly. When I apply it to the body, I keep it on for a few minutes longer (it’s a great product to use as a pre-tanning treatment that effectively helps to shift the build-up of the dead skin cells). As with the face, make sure to wash it off carefully and beware that if you don’t, the product might stain the towel. No need to worry though – as long as you don’t leave for towel for another week before washing it. Sanela often demonstrates this product using white face flannels and she hasn’t lost any of them to the “effect” of the paste. She also recommends this product as an underarm treatment, as it will calm the skin and treat bumps caused by shaving/waxing, as well as sweat and deodorant build-up. According to her the benefits of using this product weekly are endless .)

Beauty of Croatian traditions

Using this paste on my body makes me feel like a Greek glamazon, rather than a mud lady, and if I want to elevate the body care ritual and have some extra time, I actually use a brush and treat my body as canvas, painting the paste on and then let it work, while I lean my head back and switch the focus to washing my hair. When I am done and step out of the shower, my skin feels so soft & well moisturised, I oftentimes simply don’t apply a body oils, cream or balm. Pijamas on and revelling in the feeling of softness that console me, as the winter holiday is still a big question mark.

Important Note: some people might get some redness after face masking with this product, which will/should subside 15 minutes or so after removing the mask off. Effect depends on individual skin sensitivity and whether the individual uses lots of acids in their facial care. The product is NOT recommended for use by pregnant women as skin’s sensitivity increases during pregnancy.

To learn more about Saint Iris, please go to brand’s website here

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