Q & A with Danny Stokes and Scott Bentley, founders of Holistic Green Beauty Skincare

Before I review two out of four products later this week from the newly launched British natural skincare brand Holistic Green Beauty, founded by the green beauty blogger Danny Stokes and his business partner Scott Bentley, I thought I would give you a chance to get to know them, their brand and the passions that drive and inspire their creativity through the Q & A. I often find ‘niche’ brands more endearing, because there are real stories behind them that are more likely to resonate with you, as consumer, than another mass market beauty brand launch. Green beauty spotlight on:


Galina: Why did you decide to start your own brand of natural skincare & who or what inspired your journey as a brand founder?

Danny & Scott: Natural skincare is a huge passion of ours and has been so for many years. We get great joy and excitement when formulating our own skincare. It got to a point where we were using only our own hand-made products, as we realised just how special they are. Together we decided to make our products official and launch Holistic Green Beauty. This has always been our dream. With Danny having EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome), anti-ageing products are very important. You only have one skin, so look after it!


Galina: What are the ‘star’ ingredients and why did you choose them specifically?

Danny & Scott: We have so many special ingredients, so we will keep it short to one per product:

In the Chocolate Cleansing Balm it is Raw Cacao (also known as raw chocolate). It has one of the world’s highest sources of antioxidants with an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) of 955 units per gram. It is therefore exceptional at scavenging free radicals. This makes it exceptionally anti-ageing but also very chocolatey, yum!


Rose Radiance Toning Mist contains Elderflower water which used to be very popular in Victorian times but has since been somewhat ‘lost and forgotten’. Elderflower water is a great anti-inflammatory and said to keep skin bright, blemish and wrinkle free. We are excited to be bringing this amazing ingredient into our skincare range.


In the Orchid Cellular Protection Oil there are so many amazing ingredients. It contains protective Orchid that is rich in minerals found naturally in the skin, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and copper. This provides the skin with essential minerals and offers great protection and repair. It is great for the winter months because it will protect skin against harsh weather, but also in the summer, when skin can be more exposed to UV light. Polysaccharides help to seal in moisture and balance the Natural Moisturising Factor.


Pink Lotus Cellular Repair Oil is rich in repairing ingredients, such as calming Pink Lotus. The Pink Lotus ‘houses’ natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help to gently exfoliate the outer layer of skin, encouraging younger cells to rise to the surface. This assists cells repair and regenerate, leading to a more youthful appearance.


Galina: How long did the process take and what were the biggest challenges and lessons?

Danny & Scott: It has taken three years to launch Holistic Green Beauty (a lot longer, if you include the years of research into natural ingredients) and months and many batches to get the correct effective formulas. The biggest challenges were getting the smell and textures correct, learning how the different notes come together and which essential oils compliment each other. Also, ensuring all of the ingredients work together to get the best results.  Textures took time and much trial and error.

Galina: What makes Holistic Green Beauty different from other natural skincare brands?

Danny & Scott: At Holistic Green Beauty no expense has been spared and you really do get the very best your skin deserves.

We have launched with four very unique products and all of our products are raw and not heat-treated, keeping the ingredients active. All of our products are handcrafted with care, providing a ‘personal experience’. We use the finest ingredients available, such as exotic butters and rare unique oils. Our products are housed in environmentally friendly Miron Glass, which also protects the products from UV light. Our customer service is second to none, as we place our customers at the heart of everything we do.


Galina: Can you share tips on using each of your products or special ways to use each of HGB products?

Danny & Scott: Chocolate Cleansing Balm – Melt the balm on your fingertips first and then apply to dry skin. Once water has been added, you can do a facial massage, which increases the circulation and makes product absorption more efficient. At night use the muslin cloth to remove the cleanser and to gently exfoliate the skin. In the morning, apply to a dry face and emulsify in the shower and then wash off without the muslin cloth. This will leave skin hydrated and allow the organic oils to nourish the skin.


Use the Rose Radiance Toning Mist to get those anti-ageing actives into your routine!


Use one of our Cellular Oils straight after our Toner, whilst your skin is still damp, as you need less product this way and the toner helps to bring the oils deeper into the skin, providing maximum hydration and anti-ageing benefits.


Galina: What are your favourite products from the range for autumn/winter and why?

Danny – My favourite products are the Chocolate Cleansing Balm (in the cold winter weather it adds hydration and repair) and the Orchid Cellular Protection Oil (it is thicker in texture, so it adds more hydration and protection). Both products have the most amazing ingredients that make all the difference to my skin. I cannot live without these products.

Scott – My favourite products are the Orchid Cellular Protection Oil (lovely scent and texture, very hydrating and protecting) and the Rose Radiance Toning Mist (this smells beautiful and fresh, it is very refreshing and great to use with the cellular oils for added hydration).

Galina: What, in your view, is essential for achieving the best results in order to have beautiful skin, irrespective of age ?

Danny & Scott: Having beautiful skin is not just about what you put on your skin, but how you feed your skin through your diet also, so try to incorporate fresh organic vegetables, fresh organic/wild fish, nuts, seeds and whole grains into your diet. Drink plenty of green tea and water. In terms of beauty products, cleansing and hydration is key. Keep your routine simple, don’t over complicate and use a natural sunscreen daily.

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Galina: What are your beauty secrets?

Danny: Use pure organic facial oils, it is oils in products that make all the difference to your skin. Perform a gentle massage when applying facial oils, this adds increased blood flow and oxygen and stimulates collagen production. Massaging the facial oils also helps better product absorption. Both our facial oils have been designed to give your skin a beautiful radiant glow and since using them my skin has never looked better.

Scott: Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser each night (we have one in development) or a muslin cloth such as the one supplied with our Chocolate Cleansing Balm. This helps to lift dead skin cells and stimulates natural protein production in the upper layer of the skin. It also helps to increase oxygen flow and encourages enzyme protein production in the stratum cornea, which triggers self-repair. Follow this with a very good quality facial oil. Vitamin A is key, as it helps to promote skin cell production in the top layer of the skin, so look out for ingredients such as Rose Hip. Achieving this at night will assist the skin in its natural cellular repair process whilst you sleep. I like to use our anti-ageing Pink Lotus Cellular Repair Oil at night after exfoliation. Another reason to use oils at night is that it will allow the skin to breathe and repair.


End Note by HGB: We wanted to design an effective and anti ageing line that is simple. Our products are multi purpose therefore, you benefit from many amazing ingredients all in one product. This means that by using Holistic Green Beauty, you have a simple non-complicated anti ageing skin care regime.

For more information about Holistic Green Beauty and the products, please click here

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