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As you probably noticed, I have reviewed a few facials lately but when I was offered to experience one at the QMS Medicosmetics Spa in Chelsea, I was initially slightly hesitant, purely because I have never had a medical facial before.


QMS Medicosmetics Spa ( and the brand’s medical grade skincare products that were developped based on clinical research into  the critical role of collagen in skin regeneration; the main aim of the products is to return damaged or ageing skin to a much healthier state ) are very well-known and widespread in Germany, Switzerland, Austria  and South Africa, while their London flagship remains an insider’s secret of sorts. QMS Medicosmetics was started by a German cosmetic surgeon and lecturer Dr. med. Erich Schulte and all of the spa treatments ( as well as all of the products ) were developed based on his many years of active practise and extensive research into skin regeneration and anti-ageing process.

QMS Medicosmetics Spa is located just off King’s Road, across from Peter Jones and it is a welcoming & peaceful oasis, albeit with a slightly sci-fi edge. The Spa was designed around a perfect shade of white, with contrasting detailing in a lovely, azure sea-like blue. There are high ceilings throughout the spa and lots of light. When you enter, somehow the effect is comforting and not at all intimidating- it made me think of a cool medical laboratory where science is at a cutting edge.


My therapist, Jasmin, came out to great me in a white doctor’s lab coat. Originally from Switzerland, where she has worked for QMS Medicomsetics for several years, before her re-location to London a couple of years ago. Even though she is young, she seemed serious and self-assured. I was taken into a treatment room, where Jasmin told me to get undressed and get comfortable on the treatment bed. I filled in a required questionnaire and Jasmin talked me through both the facial that she was going to give me, as well as my skin concerns-each treatment is personalised to your skin’s needs, so technically no two treatments are the same.


My facial treatment started with a milky soothing cleanse ( using QMS Medicosmetic Deep cleansing milk ), after which Jasmin applied an Exfoliant fluid, which has fruit enzymes in its base, that allows for a 15% deeper penetration of active components. With the exfoliator painted on, a mask gets added on top of it and this dual combination of products  ‘eats’ dead skin away-it felt a little bit tingly in the beginning, but it wasn’t uncomfortable in any way. Lying on the treatment bed, surrounded by miticulously pristine, almost operating theatre whiteness, felt strangely nurturing, with the cleverly placed lights and no gimmicky music. Jasmin gave me a very soothing massage with a brush ( which only added to the feeling of relaxation ) and then proceeded to steam my face, in order to open up the pores.


What makes QMS Medicosmetics productsspecial is that the formulations incorporate optimum concentration of active ingredients that help to maximise the absorption and effectiveness of each ingredient and each product has been developed and tested based on  Dr. Schulte‘s medical understanding of the skin’s functions.  

Then we moved on to an slightly unpleasant bit of any good facial-the ‘extraction’ -but what makes QMS Medicosmetics facial different, is that the facialists do it very thoroughly and address issue like milias as well. One gets ‘milias’ ( white looking spots that look like little dots on your skin’s surface ) when you pores are blocked and sebum can’t properly get out. You can see it in the mirror, but the trouble is that your usual scrub won’t get read of it and you can’t and shouldn’t ( never ever ! ) squeeze it out-only a professional can do that for you.

This facial was the first one when my milias ( of which unfortunately I got a few after  my summer break, probably due to me daily slathering on of the sunscreen ) got addressed in a very safe and diligent manner. Jasmin cleaned them all out with a needle and even though I had a few tiny red areas post facial, they healed beautifully and now my skin looks perfect, with no milia in sight.

After that slightly unpleasant, but very much needed  part of the facial out of the way, Jasmin proceeded with painting on of an Algae marine mask on my face, which felt cool and relaxing. This mask contains hyaluronic acid and marine collagen, which has an almost instant smoothing and relaxing effect on the skin ( it also works wonders on the stressed skin ).

My face got treated with oxygen that is 98% pure due to a very thorough cleaning, cooling and compressing process ( it boosts your circulation and has rejuvenating effect ), followed by the Freshening tonic, which acts as a gentle skin purifier that balances your skin’s natural acid mantle, thus making the skin feel clean, soft and more radiant. Jasmin then applied Day Collagen, which is a highly concentrated daily anti-ageing serum that helps to refine the pores and skin surface by boosting moisture levels, improves blood circulation within skin layers, while protecting skin from the damaging effect of free radicals ( this product is one of Dr. Schulte’s specialities, as collagen and collagen enhancing technologies are areas of his particular professional interest ).  All that made me feel like I was drifting on a cloud-I am sure oxygen was part of that effect, but then Jasmin followed it up with a tour de force’,which is QMS Medicosmetics Hydro Foam mask. Now, that mask was a titan, a superhero with a hint of sci-fi -the foam gets applied to your face, so it covers everything but the nostrils ( don’t worry, your eyes are safely protected and while the mask works its magic on you, the therapist massages your neck, shoulders and decollete, as well as your face-the overall effect seems scientifically heavenly. The mask itself is full of high quality ingredients that boost skin’s hydration levels. In addition to silk proteins ( that are responsible for plumping up your lines ) it also contains hyaluronic acid of high molecular density that smooths the skin, while jojoba oil acts as skin’s anti-inflammatory and shea oleine protects from signs of ageing and works on firming up the skin.

When it was time to take the mask off ( I felt  almost like I was taking part in a fun version of the movie ‘Face/Off’ ), I asked Jasmin if I cold take a peak at it ( imagine a white rubber-like imprint of your face, with lines and some dirt that comes out of your pores-pretty darn cool ! ), after which Jasmin gently cleansed my face again, in order to remove any mask residue and tapped in the eye cream around my orbital bones.

With my pores feeling clean, Jasmin applied QMS Medicosmetics Cellular Marine, a patented anti-ageing face cream with Sea Fennel Stem cells, that is suitable to any skin type. This cream supports your body’s own stem cells by enhancing regeneration of the new skin cells, which generally slows down as we age ( simply put it helps to improve skin’s metabolism, or as Jasmin put it to me ‘ it makes your skin do its job even better ‘).

With my facial finished, Jasmin left the room to let me get dressed, leaving a glass of water for me to drink on the immaculately clean counter top. When I came out, she handed me a QMS Medicosmetics products brochure, with the little ‘x’ across from the products that she has used on me during the treatment. What makes QMS Medicosmetics Spa different to many other spas in London is that not only each of your treatments there is very personalised and tailored to your skin’s needs on a particular day,  there is no annoying sales pitch and no bombarding your with unnecessary information. What you get are helpful suggestions and tips, leaving you to be the judge of the effect of the facial and the products.

I can only add that I absolutely loved the whole experience from start to finish and even though I had a couple of red spots for a couple of days, the ‘side-effect’ if you like of milia removal, they have ‘healed’ beautifully and my skin felt soft, plump and ‘clean’ for days to come. I have since introduced QMS Medicosmetics cleanser, toner and Sports cream ( a multi-tasking cream that is also a tinted moisturiser ) into my beauty routine and have put the Exfoliant Fluid on my Christmas wish-list.


What I also very much enjoyed is the fact that you are treated with respect and intelligence and your needs and concerns are addressed during the appointment. I am already planning to go back to the Spa and will be treating my mother to a facial there too-after all, such thorough medically researched facials are hard to come by. A definite seal of approval from me!

QMS Medicosmetics Flagship skincare Spa, 43 Cadgan Gardens, Chelsea, London SW3 2TB

tel. 0207 730 8090


Facial treatments on offer are divided into the following categories: cleansing, skin regenerating, corrective, anti-ageing, skin enhancing, line erasing plus special requirements, like oxygen concentrator. Treatments start from £45 for 30 mins

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