Quest for an effective natural deodorant: Aurelia Botanical Cream Deodorant

I don’t know whether serendipity played the part, but as summer months got underway, my long quest to find an effective natural deodorant seems to have reached a happy conclusion. While my search for natural or organic effective skincare didn’t start with deodorants, the subject seems to be coming up often when I speak to girlfriends of various ages and seems to be particularly relevant to those who have young daughters. I discussed this subject with many colleagues, we exchanged opinions and experiences, but I tended to end disappointed every time the actual testing of yet another deodorant got underway. I tried many brands, some of which were highly praised by those whose opinion that I trust, but I alas, none seemed to work for me. It wasn’t the packaging – that was the least of my concerns – I wanted effective product that would deliver results, even under arduous testing conditions, like heat or high intensity sports. The smell of deodorants that I tried were more nose-twinkling than pleasing or the texture was wrong or they just didn’t even last longer than a couple of hours. And then, in a course of one month Aurelia launched their new product and I met the founder of a fairly new brand that will be spotlighted in a separate post – now my dear reader, enough of suspense, let me tell you about Aurelia’s new launch, that follows the launches of their Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil & Aromatic Repair & Brighten hand Cream, complimenting their skincare family perfectly and fragrantly.


Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Botanical Cream Deodorant (available in two sizes, a tester-mini pot, 5g size for £5 or a full, 50g size pot for £18)

I knew about Aurelia’s deodorant being ‘in the works’ from the beginning of the year, but wasn’t getting my hopes up until I tried it. I first received a mini size & its balm-like texture was just so unlike any other deodorant I tried, I knew almost instantly that this product was a game-changer. Before my summer holiday started, I received a full-sized product for testing from team Aurelia, who were good-naturedly warned that I was going to put it to the vigorous test in a ‘hot climate’. Several weeks into using it, I can honestly say that it is one of the best natural deodorants on the market – not only it is aluminium-free, it really does work, day in, day out, irrespective of your level of physical activity.


Its cream-to-powder consistency ( when you put your finger in a tin, it feels like a solid balm and as you warm it up on your fingers for a few seconds, it ends up feeling like a cream that glides easily and smoothly over your armpit and doesn’t dry up to a cloggy or too powdery finish. Your armpits will feel not only lovingly looked after, but nurtured as well – I am somewhat convinced that my armpits now look way better than before – an area that we don’t necessarily consider for nurturing purposes, as unlike our faces or legs, armpits aren’t really on display, unless you are frolicking on the beach).

I also want to spotlight the packaging of this deodorant – it comes in a lovely pot with a screw-on lid, which makes it handy not only to be displayed anywhere in you bathroom or a shower shelf, but it also travels well in your gym or travel bag – its balm-like consistency doesn’t melt in the heat, hence there is no risk of it ‘leaking’ over the content of your bag. That is another bonus of a practical kind, that sets it apart from many deodorants on the market, whether mainstream or niche.


Sweating is a daily, natural & necessary process, not unlike breathing, for example. What none of us like, is smelling someone’s or own sweat, particularly when stuck to someone on a public transport.

However, many women worry about cheap and cheerful deodorants that we use to mask or neutralise the sweat, as they contain ingredients like parabens, PEGs, hormone-disruptors, as well as petrochemicals & aluminium, that block our pores but worse, accumulate in our body and often linked to cancer diagnosis. What makes Aurelia’s deodorant special is the combination of powdered plant-based botanicals, which address the issue of sweating. They wont blocking your pores or sweat glands, won’t harm your skin or general wellbeing. Aurelia’s formula includes anti-microbial Arrowroot and pure Kaolin, which sit invisibly on the skin, ready to absorb your natural perspiration throughout the day, while also retaining the sense of dryness, inhibiting bacteria and resulting in long-lasting feeling of freshness, as you power through your day, whatever it might involve.


Shea butter gently hydrates, essential oils of Tea-tree, Eucalyptus and Peppermint, known for their antiseptic and antibacterial properties, are blended with distilled Lavender and Bergamot which lightly fragrance and deodorise. While I won’t go as far as saying use it as perfume, the overall fragrance of this deodorant is so pleasant ( it smells upliftingly of mint or spearmint, as well eucalyptus ), I actually enjoy applying it and inhaling its scent, which lingers for a while after the application on my fingers – it’s a personal preference to wash your hands after application or not.

I don’t wear black much, but this deodorant works well when I wear navy blouses or dresses. However, a little word of caution when it comes to silk blouses or dresses – deodorant residue builds up a little on the inside of armpits, so do wash them inside out or point it out, if that happens to you, to the dry-cleaners when dropping your clothes off – when properly cleaned or washed it all disappears.

IMG_2287TO USE: Apply a fingertip-size amount and gently rub it into your whole underarm area.

According to Aurelia Probiotic skincare press release, using this deodorant daily on clean skin, should last you up to six months. I would imagine some of you might say paying £18 for a deodorant is frivolous luxury, I am entering a second month of using this deodorant and actually now consider it a necessity. The decision whether you will pay this amount for a deodorant or will continue buying the one you already use, which is much cheaper, is up to you. We are all unique and so is our skin, so what might work for me, might not necessarily work for you – in that case, buying a sample, trying it and drawing conclusions yourself won’t be disappointing or costly. Many of us spend lots of money on supplements or drinks like coffee or fresh juice, not necessarily calculating the weekly cost, yet we are more likely to question the cost of skincare products.


A deodorant is certainly a luxury for some people, while a necessity for others, but let me give you some food for thought, in order to help you make up your own mind. Aluminium is a questionable, yet widely used ingredient in deodorants, so why did Aurelia’s team task themselves with creating an aluminium-free deodorant?

‘Aluminium-based antiperspirants work by using aluminium salts to block and alter sweat ducts. This interferes with our body’s natural response – it has been clinically proven that aluminium is absorbed through the skin, but unfortunately for the time being there is no sufficient evidence to establish a causal relationship between aluminium exposure and the augmented risk of developing breast cancer. So, if there is a chance that the effect of this ingredient can be harmful, doesn’t it make sense to try to create a product that doesn’t contain it? I would imagine that it was one of the driving reasons why Aurelia worked for months on this product, before launching it. Science plays an important role in the creative process behind Aurelia products and preference is given to natural products that a) won’t cause harm b) will nurture your skin c) will help you enhance your feminine vibes and a sense of self-worth.


A deodorant is a useful product but the one we don’t tend to rave about, however, in this instance, I am as impressed with this launch, as I would with a face cream. It smells wonderful, is effective & potentially is more beneficial to my health than a regular deodorant that I have been using until recently. In addition, I actually think the skin in my armpit area is softer and more pleasing to the eye. I used in my regular routine, I wore it on hot beaches and while doing sweat-enducing exercises and it delivered on each of those tasks. Would I pay £18 for it, when my current Aurelia pot runs out? A resounding ‘yes’, as I do consider it a necessity, rather than a luxury. I would rather forego buying one fresh juice a week from a local juice bar (the cost of three or four juices vs the cost of Aurelia deodorant ) – one conscious saving in order to buy something that might not be cheap, but perfectly justifiable for me. I hope you will walk away from reading this post thinking about your health and potential pitfalls of continued use of cheap deodorants that we all use somewhat mindlessly.

IMG_2900 To find out more about Aurelia Probiotic Skincare or its Botanical Cream Deodorant, please click here It is also worth it checking for complimentary benefits of subscribing to Aurelia’s regular newsletter.

6 thoughts on “Quest for an effective natural deodorant: Aurelia Botanical Cream Deodorant

    1. Dear Lucy, I contacted Aurelia’s team and here is the reply they kindly provided for you.

      ”In relation to radiotherapy the advice from health care providers is usually to avoid many products with perfume or cease using something that starts to irritate as the skin can become overly sensitive during and just after treatment. There is different advice for skincare in general during treatment vs skin being directly targeted as part of treatment.

      A lot of cancer charities have advice on their website – a direct quote from one concerning the treatment area relates to deodorant:

      Wear loose-fitting, cotton clothing over the treated area.
      Use only the moisturizers, creams, or lotions that are recommended by your doctor or nurse.
      Do not use any of the following in the area being treated:
      You can use nonaluminum-based deodorant on intact skin in the area being treated. Stop using it if your skin becomes irritated.”

      Hope that helps to answer your question. Wishing you good health. kind regards, Galina

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